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About Como

Italy is a land of beauty, culture and passion.

But there is one city that brings it all together. While most cities in Europe can claim a storied history, Como is the city that can claim both a rich past and a very bright future.

Como, with a population of approximately 85,000, sits in the northern Italian province of Lombardy. Como is a world-renowned tourist destination and thousands of people flock to this beautiful city on the southern tip of the southwest arm of the majestic Lake Como. In fact, the lake has also provided a breathtaking backdrop to Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia, where the passion of the fans of the historic Como Football Club (Como 1907) is as deep as the blue waters of Lake Como.

Passion, elegance and strength in community are shared pillars of the city and Como 1907. The city of Como is nestled between the Alps and the blue waters of the lake, making it a prized destination for those around the world. With origins in the Roman empire, Como is a bridge between the past and the future. During the 1700s, Como was a cherished stop on the European Grand Tour of intellectuals. Today, visitors enjoy cathedrals, museums and outdoor adventures while taking in the art, food and culture of the most beautiful lake in the world.

Throughout the centuries, Como has remained resilient through wars and invasions. The position of the city on the lake allowed strategic advantages and was coveted by many countries. In the end, Italy remained victorious in maintaining control of the illustrious city. Como 1907 shares a resilient spirit with the city it calls home, competing hard in every match and never giving up until the final whistle.

There is something for everyone in Como. For history lovers, visitors can explore the Como Cathedral and some of the important museums in the city. For the adventurous, a tour by boat or seaplane with dreamy views of the city. Guests seeking a pampered experience can find comfort in one of many spas or enjoy fine dining at one of the many acclaimed restaurants. Fans of the arts can experience world class music, theater and galleries. And of course those seeking to embed themselves in the passion of the city can attend a Como 1907 match.

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