Cagliari – Como 2-0

Moreno Longo still chooses the three-man defense with the same interpreters of the matches with Ternana and Cittadella with Blanco behind the strikers Cerri and Mancuso.
In the first minutes Como tries to get dangerous by exploiting the centimeters of Cerri who in the eleventh minute receives from Vignali in the middle of the area, checks with his chest and finishes well seeing the close range shot blocked by Radunovic.
However, Cagliari took the lead in the 16th minute with Pavoletti receiving a cross in the area and volleying in to finish beating Ghidotti.
Como tries to respond by building without however reaching the conclusion, last attempt just before the final whistle with a header from a free-kick that goes laterally.
Same 22 on the pitch also in the second half. Cagliari doubled up with Azzi in the fourth minute with a nice shot from distance.
Longo puts Ambrosino for Blanco. Meanwhile, on a wrong back pass by Cagliari Cerri concludes with the ball that comes out just a little when the goal is unguarded. Two minutes go by and on a corner kick Odenthal hits a header, a shot that ends high. The Lariani try to press and from the corner Arrigoni serves Vignali who scores from the edge of the net finding the deflection of a home defender’s foot.
Ambrosino is launched by Arrigoni and finds contact in the area with Capradossi judged not a foul by the referee.
Triple change for Longo, Fàbregas, Parigini and Gabrielloni enter, for Vignali, Arrigoni and Cerri.
Binks for Ambrosino in the area who doesn’t hook well and is anticipated low by Radunovic on control. In the 78th minute Faragò also enters in place of Ioannou. Fàbregas launches Gabrielloni who concludes from a tight angle by finding the deflection of the defense. Another corner kick for the Lariani with Binks heading just over the top.
We enter recovery, Ambrosino from outside concludes on goal with Radunovic who saves in two stages. Again Mancuso, who receives a header from Gabrielloni and ends just over the crossbar. Como continues to attack, Parigini puts in the middle for Gabrielloni who strikes on the fly finding a great save by Radunovic.
It ends shortly after the match, Cagliari beat Como 2-0.



Scorers: Pavoletti at 16′ pt, Azzi at 4′ st.

CAGLIARI: Radunovic; Altar, Dossena, Capradossi; Zappa, Nàndez, Makoumbou, Kourfalidis (from 26′ st Lella), Azzi (from 32′ st Barreca); Lapadula, Pavoletti (from 42′ st Luvumbo). Subs: Lolic, Aresti, Rog, Carboni, Millico, Pereiro, Falco, Veroli, Di Pardo. All. Ranieri.

COMO : Ghidotti; Odenthal, Scaglia, Binks; Vignali (from 26′ st Gabrielloni), Arrigoni (from 26′ st Parigini ), Bellemo, Ioannou (from 32′ st Faragò); Blanco (from 9′ st Ambrosino); Cerri (from 26′ st Fabregas), Mancuso. Subs: Bolchini, Vigorito, Cagnano, Da Riva, Baselli, Celeghin, Pierozzi. All. Longo.


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