Alessandria – Como 1-1

It ends in a draw between Alessandria and Como in a match that the Larians have had to play largely outnumbered.
For Como Matteo Solini returns in defense who together with Bertoncini makes up the pair of central players in Gattuso’s tried and tested 4-4-2. With the injury of having you, La Gumina returns to attack alongside Gliozzi. In the first few minutes it is Alexandria trying to push with Como waiting and trying to hit the grays on the counterattack. The Como gets underway with the outsiders, Parisians and Blanco, ready to take advantage of the mistakes in the setting phase of the hosts.
At 34 ‘Vittorio Parigini is sent off for a foul on Gori and Como is in 10. The response of the Larians was not long in coming and after a prolonged action close to the home area La Gumina went to the conclusion from the edge, Mantovani deflected his arm and it was a penalty kick. On the spot La Gumina finds the deviation of Pisseri who, however, can do nothing about the retort of the Sicilian attacker who signs the Larian advantage.
In the second half, thanks also to the numerical superiority, Alexandria showed itself. Gattuso puts fresh forces: in place of La Gumina, Gliozzi and Blanco enter Nardi, Gabrielloni and Cagnano.
Como reacts with Ioannou, primed by Gabrielloni, who alone tries to find the double, but the defense of the grays keeps a good watch.
Again Gabrielloni who does not reach the conclusion in the middle of the area, on the following corner kick the carom ball on Bertoncini who turns for the conclusion but finds Pisseri’s parade.
Great save by Facchin at 60 ‘which neutralizes Di Gennaro’s turn. The far defender from Larian can do nothing on Casarini’s header, which brings the result back in a draw.
Como in the 90th minute has a great chance with Ioannou but Pisseri is very good at deflecting. The race ends with the result of 1-1.



Scorers: La Gumina at 40 ‘pt; Casarini 41 ‘st.

ALESSANDRIA: Pisseri; Mantovani (from 28 ‘st Palombi), Di Gennaro, Parodi; Mustacchio, Gori (from 18 ‘st Casarini), Milanese, Lunetta; Chiarello (from 36 ‘st Benedetti), Fabbrini; Corazza, Fabbrini. Available: Crisanto, Cerofolini, Ba, Mattiello, Ariaudo, Prestia, Barillà, Ascoli, Pellegrini. All. Longo.

COMO: Facchin; Vignali, Bertoncini, Solini, Ioannou; Parisians, Arrigoni, Bellemo, Blanco (from 11 ‘st Cagnano); Gliozzi (from 11th Gabrielloni), La Gumina (from 11th Nardi). Available: Bolchini, Zanotti, Iovine, Kabashi, Ciciretti, Peli, Bovolon. Mgr. Gattuso.


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