Ascoli – Como 3-3

Moreno Longo also lines up three strikers from the first minute with Cerri, Mancuso and Cutrone to form an unprecedented trident for Como this season.
However, it was Ascoli who took the lead in the fifth minute through Eric Botteghin. Como tries to respond and does it with a stroke of cunning. Arrigoni takes the punishment immediately after the foul with the Ascoli players who were lining up on the barrier and Mancuso who receives, beats Guarna for the draw.
The Lariani gather courage, Vignali picks up a second ball and serves Cerri with a header who finishes on goal from the edge finding a deflection by a defender.
In the 25th minute Iovine has to stop due to muscle problems, Da Riva enters in his place. However, Como did not give up and, from a free-kick quickly hit by Cerri, a long ball was born for Cutrone who put in the middle for Mancuso who headed his personal brace.
However, bad news arrives for Como, in a game clash Solini stops and is forced to ask for the substitution, Binks enters his place, it is the second substitution of the Larians in the first half due to injury.
Ascoli goes in search of an equalizer, with Cedric Gondo, who came on for the injured Dionisi, who receives in the area and in the corner shoots out just a little.
Como ends the first half in attack with Cerri who steals the ball from Collocolo and puts in the middle for Mancuso, a cross too long to be played by the number 77, who however recovers it with a shot towards the sideline and serves Vignali for the shot. but that doesn’t go well.
The first half thus ends with the Larians leading 1-2.

In the first minutes of the second half, the match remains in balance without either team being able to get to the shot. Como tries to push by working well on the development of a couple of actions in quick succession, with Cerri hitting wide with his header.
In the 60th minute Gondo was sent off for a foul on Vignali reviewed in the Var.
Ascoli tries with the former Ciciretti who receives a long ball but the Larian defense keeps a good guard. However, the hosts came forward and hit the post, after the prompt deflection of Ghidotti, on Botteghin’s shot from outside.
Como responds with Da Riva who hooks on the edge, enters the area but fails to serve a teammate.
However, Ascoli equalized in the 76th minute with Ciciretti beating Ghidotti. Triple substitution for Como, Blanco, Celeghin and Gabrielloni enter for Cutrone and Da Riva and Mancuso.
It is Alex Blanco himself who brings the Larians back to the lead by receiving from Vignali and depositing on goal.
Como attacks again with Bellemo who receives from Gabrielloni who ends before with the ball going wide.
However, the match never ends and in the 79th minute Ascoli finds the equalizer again this time with Simic heading.
Como tries to push until the end but fails to bring the advantage back again, the match ends with a result of 3-3.


Scorers: Cerri on aut. at 6′, Mancuso at 17′ and 29′ pt; Ciciretti on 28′, Blanco on 34′, Simic on 37′ st.

LISTEN: Guarna; Simic, Botteghin, Bellusci (from 21′ St Pedro Mendes); Falzerano (from 1′ st Ciciretti), Collocolo, Eramo (from 36′ st Buchel), Caligara (from 36′ st Bidaoui), Falasco; Dionisi (from 42′ pt Gondo), Lungoyi. Unavailable: Bolletta, Donati, Giordano, Tavcar, Salvi, Adjapong, Giovane. Herds Bucchi.

COMO : Ghidotti; Vignali, Odenthal, Solini (from 40′ pt Binks), Ioannou; Iovine (from 25′ pt Da Riva and from 31′ st Celeghin), Bellemo, Arrigoni; Cutrone (from 31′ st Blanco), Cerri, Mancuso (from 31′ st Gabrielloni). Available: Vigorito, Cagnano, Faragò, Scaglia, Ba, Ambrosino. All. Longo.


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