Bari – Como 2-2

Longo chooses Gabrielloni to flank Cutrone in attack. The first chance came from the Larians in the 8th minute with a strained ball into the middle by Ioannou from the left side, which Gabrielloni barely hooked. From there a sequence of corner kicks forced the hosts on the defensive.
Como took the lead in the 10th minute: Parigini put in the middle for Gabrielloni, who splashed a header and at the second post came Ioannou who deflected the ball into the net.
Como doubled in the 25th minute this time with Cutrone who received from the edge and with a razor-sharp shot to the far post beat Caprile.
Bari tried to respond after 6 minutes with a header by Folorunsho, on which Gomis guarded well in a low catch.
The hosts opened up in an attempt to shorten the gap, and then the Whites could take advantage of the counterattack: Ioannou came down from the left at wide stride and after acclimatizing, he fired a shot on net with a fisted corner response from Caprile.
Great first half for the Larians, who won a corner kick in the 37th minute, Gabrielloni hit a safe shot at the first post with the ball going just wide.
Thus, the first half ended with the score 0-2 for the guests.

In the second half Bari started off strong and after 3′ minutes shortened the gap with a header by Walid Cheddira. Como tried to respond immediately with a free kick from the right side with Arrigoni kicking directly into the goal but the ball going just wide.
Longo in the 58th minute put Mancuso for Gabrielloni and Vignali for Parigini. Como tried to answer right back with the two subs: Vignali’s cross from the right for Mancuso who hit a header but the ball ended up high.
Longo in the 66th minute put in Da Cunha and Faragò for Cutrone and Arrigoni. Mancuso frees Iovine well, who in a sprint is stopped at the edge of the area by a perfect slide by Botta.
Como tried mostly with runs by Da Cunha, who, however, could not find the conclusion.
In the dying minutes, Da Cunha himself came out, injured in a clash of play, and Alex Blanco entered in his place.
Bari found the equalizing goal in the 92nd minute with Valerio Di Cesare, who sprinted on the offside line and beat Gomis.

It’s back to the Sinigaglia in the next round of Serie B, Saturday, April 22 at 2 p.m., for the match with Ascoli.



Scorers: Ioannou at 18′, Cutrone at 26′ pt; Cheddira at 3′, Di Cesare at 46′ st.

BARI: Caprile; Pucino, Di Cesare, Vicari, Mazzotta (from 23′ st Ricci); Maita, Benali (from 1′ st Botta), Benedetti (from 38′ st Esposito); Folorunsho; Antenucci (from 1′ st Morachioli), Cheddira (from 26′ st Ceter). Available: Frattali, Matino, Zuzek, Bellomo, Molina, Dorval, Mallamo. All. Magnani.

COMO: Gomis; Odenthal, Canestrelli, Binks; Parigini (from 14′ st Vignali), Arrigoni (from 21′ st Faragò), Bellemo, Iovine, Ioannou; Gabrielloni (from 14′ st Mancuso), Cutrone (from 21′ st Da Cunha and 45′ st Blanco). Available: Ghidotti, Vigorito, Chajia, Scaglia, Cerri, Tremolada. Coach: Longo.


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