Benevento – Como 0-0

Longo for the match opts for the Cerri-Mancuso pair in front with Da Cunha in support. It is Benevento that has the first chance after 5 minutes with Tello who puts a cross-shot in the middle that is not hooked by the home forwards and is printed on the post.
Como responded in the 13th minute with a Cerri free kick, which was repelled with his hands by home goalkeeper Manfredini and then deflected into a corner by the defense before a Como striker could get to it to rebound into the net.
On the resulting corner kick, Cerri and Vignali tried but both were disturbed by home defenders and so the ball fell prey to Manfredini.
Como has another chance in the 22nd minute with Cerri who receives well from Da Cunha in the middle of the field and fires long for Mancuso, the number 77 stoops to follow with his chest on the left and shoots at a cross with the ball going out wide.
In the second half of the first half the game became more contested and the defenses tighter, so dangerous actions were fewer and fewer, with Como and Benevento trying to take advantage of crosses from outside and second balls.
In the second half after 3 minutes Tello was sent off for double yellow after an intervention on Cas Odenthal. Shortly afterwards, the hosts’ coach Roberto Stellone was also removed for protests.
Como then pushes hard on the accelerator, cross from the right by Da Cunha, Mancuso’s bank, Cerri tames in the middle of the area and kicks at goal finding Manfredini’s great response.
Longo made the first change in the 54th minute, Jacopo da Riva entered the field in place of Tommaso Arrigoni. For Como in the 65th minute, Gabrielloni and Chajia also entered for Mancuso and Binks. The Larians also came forward from a central position with Bellemo cutting into the middle of the area and serving Cerri, who controlled, turned and shot seeing his conclusion walled off by the network of legs of opposing defenders. Parigini for Da Cunha and Cutrone for Cerri also entered in the 77th minute.
Parigini immediately tries to inspire a Larian restart by serving Gabrielloni at the edge of the area, who controls but shoots out.
With 7 to go Chajia puts a beautiful ball in the middle for Vignali that is deflected into the corner by a defender who anticipates the number 28.
Como again, Bellemo serves Chajia on the right who tries two conclusions, the first rejected by the defense and the second parried in a low grip by Manfredini.
Como also tried in the recovery with Da Riva shooting from outside the box but Manfredini blocked in the hold after a deflection.
The match thus ends with the result 0-0.



BENEVENTO: Manfredini; Letizia, Leverbe, Tosca; Improta (from 42′ st Kubica), Schiattarella (from 20′ st Viviani), Acampora (from 42′ st Pastina), Foulon (from 50′ st Jureskin); Karic, Tello; La Gumina (from 20′ st Simy). Available: Paleari, Locatelli, Farias, Agnello, Carfora, Sanogo, Capellini. Mr: Stellone.

COMO: Gomis; Odenthal, Scaglia, Binks (from 22′ st Chajia); Vignali, Da Cunha (from 32′ st Parigini), Bellemo, Arrigoni (from 9′ st Da Riva), Ioannou; Cerri (from 32′ st Cutrone), Mancuso (from 22′ st Gabrielloni). Available: Vigorito, Cagnano, Fabregas, Faragò, Canestrelli, Blanco, Pierozzi. Mr. Longo.


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