Benevento – Como 5-0

Bitter defeat for Como who lost 5-0 to Benevento.
Como’s first chance is in the seventh minute with Blanco who collects well in the area on the development of an action from the right, turns around but finds Paleari’s sure answer.
At 10 ‘the Como remains in ten for Solini’s handball, after the consultation with the var Marini of Rome 1, for the number 4 Lariano is the second yellow card. On the disk goes Forte who realizes. Gattuso remodels the Como and inserts Nardi for Blanco and Peli for Scaglia. The var, however, is not kind to Como: second penalty in favor of the witches, Insigne scores 2-0.
Como tries to raise its head with a personal initiative by Gabrielloni who pulls up a little from outside the area. The Larians try it with Gliozzi, who almost steals the ball from Paleari on a postponement, on the developments Bellemo serves Gabrielloni who does not miss the hook.
It is Benevento, however, to find the third goal with Insigne, who fires a missile from outside the area on which Facchin can do nothing. The first half ends 3-0 for the Campania region.

In the second half Benevento found the goal in the first minutes with Francesco Forte. Gattuso Puts Kabashi and Iovine for Bellemo and Gliozzi. The Larians try it with Nardi who after a solitary descent pulls from the outside, but once again Paleari is careful.
Benevento scores in the 62nd minute with Gennaro Acampora. Ciciretti also enters for Arrigoni. At the end the Como remains in 9 for the injury occurred to Scaglia.

The next match of the Larians is scheduled for Saturday in the match at Sinigaglia against Brescia.



Scorers: Forte on 12 ‘on the rig., Insigne on 21’ on the rig. and at 38 ‘pt, Forte at 4’, Acampora at 17 ‘st.

BENEVENTO: Paleari; Letizia (from 10 ‘st Brignola), Glik, Vogliacco, Foulon; Ionita (from 1 ‘st Calò), Acampora (from 19’ st Talia), Tello (from 19 ‘st Lapadula); Insigne (from 19 ‘st Sau), Forte, Improta. Available: Manfredini, Muraca, Masciangelo, Gyamfi, Barba, Pastina, Petriccione. Herds Caserta.

COMO: Facchin; Vignali, Bertoncini, Solini, Cagnano; Peli (from 16 ‘pt Nardi), Arrigoni (from 24’ st Ciciretti), Bellemo (from 10 ‘st Kabashi), Blanco (from 16’ pt Scaglia); Gliozzi (from 10 ‘st Iovine), Gabrielloni. Available: Bolchini, Zanotti, Ioannou, Bovolon, Parisians, La Gumina, Cerri. Mgr. Gattuso.


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