Como – Ascoli 1-1

Cerri, Scaglia and Vignali return from the first minute with coach Longo relying on the number 27 and Cutrone for the attacking pair, it is from the two that the first action for the Larians was born in the 3′ minute with Cutrone putting in from the left for the Larians’ rook who very narrowly misses the ball.
Como goes in goal in the 7th minute with Cerri who receives from Ioannou from the left and in the split deposits into the net, Ayroldi is called back to the VAR, however, and for a millimeter offside the scoring is nullified.
The Larians do not give up, action almost photocopied to the previous one in the 11th minute this time starring Cutrone who does not hook by a whisker.
Again the Blue-Whites, Ioannou’s header serves Iovine, the No. 6 puts behind for Cerri, who, with his back to the goal, unloads for Arrigoni, the 21 kicks with a sure shot but finds the deflection of a defender.
It is Como that makes the match, Ioannou receives a ball from Vignali and first serves Cerri, the 27 tames and concludes with the ball ending just high.
Ascoli tried to respond in the 31st minute with Dionisi, who received in the box and finished into the net, however, finding a deflection by the home defense.
Como always looking for a goal, Cerri received in the area on the right side and concluded by taking the post, the ball remained in the area but was swept away by the host defense.
Again Cerri on a free kick from the edge hits the barrier with the ball going into the corner. The first half ends with the result of 0-0.

In the second half, Como had its first chance in the 52nd minute with Vignali, who headers a pass for Cutrone in the box, who first headed the ball into the net, but was bricked by the defense.
In the 60th minute Longo put Da Cunha for Vignali and Parigini for Arrigoni. It is from number 11 that the most dangerous actions of the Larians develop.
Ascoli earned a penalty in the 65th minute for a foul by Gomis on Dionisi, who converted. Como also won a penalty after 5 minutes but Leali parried Cerri’s conclusion. Como tried again, Chajia’s cross with Parigini ‘s header hitting the crossbar. Blanco also enters in the 82nd minute. Como wins another penalty and this time Cerri spies Leali and it’s a draw. Como is galvanized, Chajia puts in for Scaglia whose header finds the defense’s deflection. On the ensuing corner kick Odenthal puts in just wide.

Larians get a draw at Sinigaglia as they await Palermo on Monday, May 1 at 12:30 p.m.



Scorers: Dionisi in the 23rd minute, Cerri on rig in the 46th minute.

COMO: Gomis; Odenthal, Scaglia, Binks (from 24′ st Chajia); Vignali (from 15′ st Parigini), Arrigoni (from 15′ st Da Cunha), Bellemo, Ioannou (from 36′ st Blanco); Iovine; Cerri, Cutrone (from 24′ st Gabrielloni). Available: Vigorito, Cagnano, Fabregas, Faragò, Baselli, Canestrelli, Mancuso. Coach: Longo.

ASCOLI: Leali; Donati (from 1′ st Adjapong), Botteghin, Simic, Giordano; Collocolo, Buchel (from 32′ st Samuel), Proia (from 39′ st Eramo); Caligara (from 36′ st Bellusci); Gondo, Dionisi (from 32′ st Mendes). Available: Guarna, Adjapong, Quaranta, Gnahorè, Lungoyi, Falzerano, Palazzino, Falasco. All. Breda.


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