Como – Bari 1-1

In the first minutes the teams study each other, so much so that the first shot on goal arrives in the 10th minute when Cerri frees his right foot from the edge, but Caprile’s shot is blocked.
Como was decidedly more proactive in the first 15 minutes but, apart from the previous one from Cerri, they didn’t get to the goal.
In the 18th minute for Como, Parigini stops and is forced to make a substitution, in his place coach Longo inserts Alex Blanco. Again the Larians with Alberto Cerri, who on a cross from Iovine from the right, hits the head with the ball that comes out just a little.
Como wins a penalty with Iovine, Cerri goes on the spot but Caprile is very good at blocking, Blanco intercepts the ball and deposits it in the net. However, the goal was disallowed as the Spanish player had entered the area before Cerri’s serve.
Solini also tries to head in the half hour but the ball comes out just a little. Como again, after 4 minutes Cerri shot from the edge and also in this case the ball went just wide.
Como wins another penalty, this time with Cutrone who is yanked into the area with a header. Alberto Cerri returns from the penalty spot once again and this time he makes no mistake, 1-0 for the Larians in the second minute of added time of the first half.
In the second half Como got off to a strong start with a high pressure from Bellemo, the captain recovered the ball and served Blanco on the edge of the area, freeing his left foot which was however neutralized by Caprile.
Blanco again in the 53rd minute with a shot from the edge of Cutrone’s pass, a conclusion saved in two stages by Caprile.
Bari tries to throw itself forward, with Como resisting and trying to administer. In the 70th minute Cerri recovers a nice ball and launches Cutrone who firstly kicks from the edge of the area, but sees his shot go just wide.
Binks and Mancuso enter for the Lariani for Blanco and Cutrone. D’Errico tries to revitalize his team with a shot into the box which Ghidotti neutralizes with a low hold.
Como again with Ioannou putting in a low shot for Cerri, but on the 27th he is anticipated by a Bari defender who deflects for a corner. Again the 44 from Lariano recovers the ball and takes off in the sprint, this time however failing to serve Da Riva well in the box.
The Larians want to close it, Binks receives from Arrigoni and puts in the middle, Mancuso hooks up but is unable to free himself for the shot with the host defense.
However, it was Bari who scored the equalizer two minutes from the end with a penalty scored by Botta.

Como will be back on the field on Sunday 4th December at 3 pm on the Ascoli field.


Scorers : Cerri on rig. at 47′ pt; Hit on rig. at 45’st

COMO : Ghidotti; Vignali (from 10′ st Da Riva), Odenthal, Solini, Cagnano (from 10′ st Ioannou); Iovine, Bellemo, Arrigoni; Parisians (from 18′ pt Blanco and from 28′ st Binks); Cutrone (from 28′ st Mancuso), Cerri. Subs: Vigorito, Fabregas, Gabrielloni, Scaglia, Celeghin, Delli Carri, Ambrosino. All. Longo.

BARI : Caprile; Pucino, Terranova, Vicari, Dorval; Mallamo (from 17′ st D’Errico), Maiello (from 40′ st Bellomo), Folorunsho (from 1′ st Galano); Salcedo (from 1st Botta); Antenucci (from 17′ st Ceter), Scheidler. Subs: Frattali, Gigliotti, Zuzek, Bosisio, Cangiano, Benedetti. All. Mignani.


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