Como – Cremonese 1-2

For Como, the attacking couple Gliozzi-Cerri confirmed after the beautiful victory in Reggio Calabria. In the first 10 minutes the teams study each other and neither of them gets to the shot. The first chance for Como is in the 15 ‘with Blanco who recovers the ball in the middle of the head and reaches the bottom line putting in the middle, Carnesecchi smanaccia but the ball ends up near Gliozzi who controls and serves Cerri, the conclusion of the 27 Lariano goes out of a little to the side.
Como again, this time with Ioannou putting on the far post for Parisians, the right-footed first intention comes out very little. However, it is Cremonese who go ahead with Di Carmine in the 28th minute. Como tries to respond in the 35th minute with Parigini who, on a solitary initiative from the right, reaches the conclusion, but is deflected by Carnesecchi for a corner.
At the end of time Cerri receives in the area and makes the bank for Gliozzi who in the slip of the first kick finding the great save by Carnesecchi, but everything is interrupted for offside of the 27 Lariano at the beginning of the action.

In the second half Cremonese immediately finds the goal with Di Carmine on a penalty that thus signs her personal double. Mister Gattuso tries to play the La Gumina card which comes in instead of Gliozzi. For Como, Kabashi and Ciciretti also enter for Arrigoni and Blanco, while the Larians are close to shortening the distance with Cerri who, however, finds once again a great Carnesecchi. At 36 ‘of the second half it is still the Cremonese goalkeeper who thwarted the attempt to shorten the distance between Como and La Gumina. An attempt that materializes in the final minutes when Vignali’s conclusion is countered with a hand by Crescenzi: from 11 meters captain Bellemo signs the 1-2 followed by the triple whistle.



Marker i: Di Carmine at 28 ‘pt; By Carmine rig. at 4 ‘st, Bellemo rig. 50’st.

COMO : Gori, Ioannou, Scaglia, Solini, Vignali; Parisians (from 38 ‘st Di Giuliomari) aa, Bellemo, Arrigoni (from 25’ st Kabashi), Blanco (from 25 ‘st Ciciretti); Cerri (from 38 ‘st Gabrielloni), Gliozzi (from 12’ st La Gumina). Available: Facchin, Zanotti, Bertoncini, Varnier, Nardi, Peli, Bovolon. All. Gattuso.

CREMONESE : Carnesecchi; Sernicola, Bianchetti, Okoli, Valeri (from 44 ‘st Crescenzi); Valzania, Fagioli (from 36 ‘st Ciofani); Zanimacchia (from 1st Bonaiuto), Gaetano, Strizzolo (from 1st Baez); Di Carmine (from 38 ‘st Gondo). Available: Ciezkowski, Sarr, Casasola, Ravanelli, Meroni, Bartolomei, Rafia. Annex Pecchia.


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