Como – Genoa 2-2

Larians on the field at Sinigaglia with Canestrelli replacing Filippo Scaglia, while Parigini and Iovine also return from the first minute, in front the Cerri – Cutrone pair confirmed.
Como started off strong in the first few minutes, coming up with the two forwards to build a couple of chances well, taking advantage of Cerri in particular.
Como’s first chance is in the 16th minute: Ioannou is fouled on the left, Da Cunha puts in at the second post where Cutrone puts back in the middle for Iovine’s turn that stops on the arm, attached to the body, of a guest defender, for Pairetto after the var check all regular.
Genoa took the lead in the 23rd minute through Strootman, who stole the ball just before the edge of the box and scored by hitting the low left corner.
Como tries to fight back and does so mainly with the eagerness of Cutrone, who presses full-court. Cerri receives ball from three quarters and is fouled, on the ball Da Cunha who shoots high.
The Larians restarted in the 36th minute with Parigini serving Cerri, the No. 27 went to the back and tried to clear a cross into the middle of the area taking advantage of his physique, but the ball was deflected by Dragusin who guarded well.
Como tried in the finale, Iovine put in the middle for Odenthal who at the second post header went for a conclusion deflected into a corner by the defense. Como again, Da Cunha crosses for Cutrone, the number 63’s bank for Cerri who kicks again finding the defense’s deflection. On the following corner during a scrum the ball goes out to Iovine who clears the shot, the defense deflects it into a corner for the third time in a row. It is then Ioannou who from the left finds a great save by Martinez Riera. The guests’ extreme defender is still the star when he saves his own on Odenthal’s shot after a pinball in the middle of the area.
The first half thus ends with the guests in the lead.

The same 22 on the field again in the second half, Como came very close to equalizing after 6 minutes: Iovine put in the middle on a free kick, the ball slipped all over the area and on the second ball Bellemo kicked out just wide. On the other hand, Genoa after a counterattack, taking advantage of the spaces that Como inevitably has to offer, grabs the post with Coda. Genoa found the double, however, right through Coda at the 11th of the second half.
Longo makes the first of five changes by inserting Mancuso for Da Cunha. The white-blue won a penalty through Cutrone in the 14th minute but Pairetto, after var check, cancelled due to the number 63’s offside position.
It was Cutrone himself who reopened the match, and after receiving an assist from Iovine, he sprinted into the box and finished on net, beating Martinez.
The Larians now believe in it, on a corner kick Martinez comes out wrong, Mancuso puts in the middle for Cerri who strikes at the net with the ball being cleared on the line, again with a header, by Strootman. Como again in the 27th minute with a double chance, first with Cutrone who from the limit calls Martinez to a great response and then on developments Parigini puts in the middle for Ioannou who volley kicks outside. Longo puts on Pierozzi and Arrigoni for Parigini and Iovine.
Blanco and Gabrielloni also enter for Ioannou and Cutrone with 11 minutes to go. Como was disallowed a goal in the 42nd minute with Gabrielloni finishing on net but Bellemo, in an irregular position, had taken an active part in the action. The joy of the goal, however, is only postponed, after a minute Leonardo Mancuso seals the goal that is worth a point in the standings.



Scorers: Strootman in 23′ pt; Coda in 12′, Cutrone in 18′, Mancuso in 43′ st;

COMO: Gomis; Odenthal, Canestrelli, Binks; Parigini (from 30′ st Pierozzi), Da Cunha (from 13′ st Mancuso), Bellemo, Iovine (from 30′ st Arrigoni), Ioannou (from 34′ st Blanco); Cerri, Cutrone (from 34′ st Gabrielloni). Available: Ghidotti, Vigorito, Cagnano, Faragò, Vignali, Tremolada, Gatti. Coach: Longo.

GENOA: Martinez; Ilsanker (from 30′ st Hefti), Vogliacco, Dragusin; Sabelli, Frendrup (from 43′ st Jagiello), Badelj, Strootman, Criscito; Gudmunsson (from 30′ st Ekuban), Coda (from 30′ st Coda). Available: Semper, Aramu, Salcedo, Matturro, Lipani, Yalcin, Puscas, Calvani, Dragus. All. Gilardino.


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