Como – Modena 1-0

The first chance is for Como after two minutes, Da Cunha receives from Pierozzi who puts in the middle, the defense deflects but still in the middle of the area Cutrone tries a backhanded shot, Gagno parries in two times before Gabrielloni can get to the ball.
Como tries to push from the fifths and the most dangerous actions in the first 10 minutes pass through the feet of Pierozzi and Ioannou, who are good at evading the guests’ high pressing.
In the 8th minute Da Cunha received a chest pass from Cutrone in a pivot position at the edge of the area and tried with a razor shot that was stopped again by Gagno.
Modena tries to answer with Tremolada who from inside the area shoots on the volley finding the resounding response of Gomis.
Como had a glaring chance in the 17th minute with Gabrielloni who hit the post with Gagno beaten. I Lariani find the goal with Gabrielloni in the ensuing action but the referee, Rutella of Enna cancels for a hand foul by the number 9.
In the 38th minute of the first half, Modena also hit the post with Falcinelli.
In the 40th minute, Cutrone serves a filtering ball for Da Cunha who, however, does not control excellently and loses time for the shot.
Como also tried in the dying minutes, from a corner kick, first on the developments Pierozzi saw his outside conclusion slam into the leg wall of the home defenders; the ball came out of the area on the left and Ioannou put it in the middle for Gabrielloni, who header anticipated the outgoing goalkeeper Gagno, but the ball ended up outside.
The first half thus ends with the result 0-0.

In the second half, Longo put Cerri in for Cutrone in the 47th minute, and the Larian giant needed only six minutes to score: in fact, the number 27 collected Binks’ cross with his head and scored the 1-0 after the var check on the position.
In the 60th minute double change for Longo, who put Vignali and Da Riva in for Pierozzi and Da Cunha. It was precisely the No. 5 who went close to the doubling goal after only a minute by kicking from the edge on the development of an offensive action, but hitting a defender full in the face just a few meters from the goal line.
Again Da Riva, in the box on a loose ball, hooks and shoots with a defender deflecting for a corner.
New change for Como, which meanwhile takes advantage of Cerri’s centimeters to lift the team, Moutir Chajia returns to the field after almost a round of absence in place of Tommaso Arrigoni, and along with him comes Paolo Faragò for Alessandro Gabrielloni.
The number 7 tries on a Como restart, Ioannou recovers the ball in the middle of the field and goes on the counterattack serving the very Belgian-Moroccan player who tries to place it, but is forced to see his shot go out just wide.
In the recovery Modena tried to attack but the Larians kept a good guard defending the result.



Scorer: Cerri in the 6th minute.

COMO: Gomis; Odenthal, Binks, Scaglia; Pierozzi (from 15′ st Vignali), Arrigoni (from 35′ st Chajia), Bellemo, Ioannou; Da Cunha (from 15′ st Da Riva); Gabrielloni (from 35′ st Faragò), Cutrone (from 1′ st Cerri). Available: Ghidotti, Cagnano, Fabregas, Parigini, Canestrelli, Blanco, Mancuso. Coach: Longo.

MODENA: Gagno; Oukhadda, De Maio, Pergreffi, Ponsi; Magnino (from 15′ st Duca), Gerli (from 25′ st Mosti), Armellino (from 25′ st Poli); Tremolada (from 25′ st Giovannini), Falcinelli; Strizzolo (from 15′ st Bonfanti). On hand: Seculin, Renzetti, Panada, Coppolaro. Coach: Tesser.


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