Como – Palermo 1-1

Important clash between the Lariani and Palermo with only two points between them.
The first chance is for the guests with a Buttaro header off a Sala cross that is neutralized by a prodigious intervention by Gomis.
Como responded in the 12th minute with Da Cunha, who on a ball recovered by Iovine, broke through centrally and but was only blocked by Pigliacelli’s low catching exit. Como again, Cerri recovers a ball in the middle of the field and after advancing tries to shoot from the limit, by very little Iovine does not deflect the ball into the goal.
Palermo took the lead in the 17th minute with Buttaro rebounding a Brunori shot that ended up on the post into the net.
After 5 minutes, Como responds, a free kick from the right side won by Ioannou, Da Cunha puts in the middle for Odenthale who calls Pigliacelli to a miracle.
Como equalized in the 32nd minute with a penalty shot by Cerri procured by Vignali; the number 27 was ice-cold from the penalty spot and dispatched Pigliacelli.
The first half thus ends in a tie.
Como in the second half poses a danger with Binks, who after recovering the ball tries to insert himself in the central part of the field and then serves Iovine on the left, the number 6 puts in the middle but the ball is cleared by the defense.
Longo changed the cards in the 60th minute and fielded Arrigoni for Iovine, Parigini for Vignali and Chajia for Da Cunha.
Palermo, however, also tried to attack and won a series of corners without, however, really putting the Larian defense in trouble. In the 72nd minute, Gabrielloni also entered for Cerri. Como made itself dangerous with Chajia entering the area and crossing into the middle, Pigliacelli’s deflection landed in Parigini ‘s area but he finished outside.
Como again, Gabrielloni launched Chajia on a counterattack who failed to serve Cutrone due to the providential deflection of a visiting player. On the ensuing corner kick Gabrielloni’s turning shot is seen deflected into the corner. Again from a dead ball Binks tries an acrobatic move, but the ball goes out. Como, however, plucks up courage Ioannou puts in for Gabrielloni whose header angles his shot too far with the ball going just wide.
Blanco also entered in the final minutes in place of Ioannou, the Spaniard himself trying in the finale by crossing into the center but the Rosanero defense repelled. The match then ended in a draw, Larians committed next weekend away to Reggio Calabria.


Scorers: Buttaro in the 17th minute, Cerri on a penalty kick. 32′ pt.

COMO: Gomis; Binks, Scaglia, Odenthal; Ioannou (from 43′ st Blanco), Bellemo, Da Cunha (from 15′ st Arrigoni), Vignali (from 15′ st Parigini), Iovine (from 15′ st Chajia); Cutrone, Cerri (from 26′ st Gabrielloni). Available: Vigorito, Cagnano, Fabregas, Faragò, Baselli, Canestrelli, Mancuso. All. Longo

PALERMO: Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Buttaro (from 38′ st Valente), Segre, Gomes (from 39′ st Damiani), Verre (from 29′ st Broh), Sala; Brunori (from 39′ st Vido), Tutino (from 29 ‘ st Soleri). Available: Grotta, Massolo, Jensen, Barcos, Masciangelo, Bettella, Lancini. All. Corini.


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