Como – Pisa 2-2

Cesc Fàbregas is back among the 11 starters, together with him also Patrick Cutrone after the flash recovery following the breaking of his hand two weeks ago.
In the first minutes the match does not offer particular ideas, the first shot is found by the ex of the day, Ettore Gliozzi who however ends outside. In the 7th minute it’s Cerri from a corner who stands taller than everyone else and hits the ball with his head, but it ends up high.
Como takes the lead in the 10th minute with Cerri heading in for Parigini , the number 11 is good at freeing himself and unloading for Bellemo who puts in from the left for Cutrone, hooks up on the fly and beats Andrade.
Pisa tries to respond with a shot by Beruatto from outside the area following a corner kick that hits the post.
Como again, Fàbregas opens for Cutrone who leaves to Parigini , on the 11th he puts in the middle for Cerri who makes a beautiful veil but is pinched offside.
Alberto Cerri won a penalty in the 37th minute but his shot was saved by Andrade.
Pisa equalized with Tramoni in the 40th minute. Como tries to respond with Parigini who puts in the middle for Vignali who pulls out from a tight angle.
Como starts strong in the second half with Parigini serving Vignali on the edge of the area, the shot on the 26th is deflected by a defender remaining on the trajectory of the net but Andrade is very good at blocking it.
For Como Fàbregas and Cerri leave for Baselli and Mancuso. Como begins to build and press Pisa in their own area, finishing twice first with Ioannou and then with Cutrone with the ball going out on both occasions.
Da Riva also enters for Parigini . Como still pressing, Ioannou dribbles into the area and serves Mancuso who is anticipated by very little.
However, Pisa took the lead with Masucci who beat Ghidotti with a great shot from outside in the 38th minute of the second half. Longo also puts in Blanco and Gabrielloni for Binks and Cutrone. Como tries in the final with Ioannou serving Vignali who however does not finish on goal.
Ioannou again protagonist in the 95th minute with a cross in the middle, deflected with a header by Odenthal on which the number 5 Da Riva pounces who, also with a header, scores behind Andrade.

Larians who don’t give up until the last second of the match win a very precious point in view of the next match against Brescia.


Scorers : Cutrone on 10′, M. Tramoni on 43′ pt; Masucci at 38′, Da Riva at 50′ st.

COMO : Ghidotti; Odenthal, Scaglia, Binks (from 39′ st Blanco); Vignali, Fabregas (from 17′ st Baselli), Bellemo, Ioannou; Parigini (from 32′ st Da Riva); Cerri (from 18′ st Mancuso), Cutrone (from 39′ st Gabrielloni). Subs: Vigorito, Cagnano, Iovine, Faragò, Arrigoni, Da Cunha, Pierozzi. All. Longo.

PISA : Nicolas; Calabresi (from 25′ st Esteves), Hermannsson, Canestrelli, Beruatto; Toure (from 33′ st Nagy), Marin, Mastinu (from 17′ st Ioniota); Morutan, M. Tramoni (from 33′ st Masucci); Gliozzi (from 25′ st Moreo). Subs: Livieri, Caracciolo, Jureskin, De Vitis, Rus, L. Tramoni, Cisse. All. D’Angelo.


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