Home debut for Como, which must redeem itself after the false step in Venice. Longo puts Iovine and Vignali in the 11. Como got off to a strong start and immediately took the lead in the third minute through Nicholas Ioannou, who collected a cross from Iovine at the second post and beat Bardi with a header. Como can thus also take advantage of a Reggiana forced to expose itself to catch up, but the most dangerous chance comes from Ioannou again with a very precise shot from outside the area that Bardi deflects for a corner.
Como tried again with restarts, Bellemo regaining a great ball in the middle of the field and coming all the way to the edge of the area by the central routes, then decided to serve Chajia who finished to the net finding the deflection of Romagna on a slide.
Still Como increasing its aggressiveness by recovering many balls in the middle of the field, in the 31st minute Chajia manages to free himself from the pressure with a feint and puts in the middle a low ball that Iovine narrowly misses at the second post. Como again, Cutrone served by Iovine tried with a round shot that hit the post.
Reggiana came forward late in the first half with a Lanini free kick that Semper deflected into the corner. The first half thus ends with the advantage of the Larians.

Como also started strong in the second half and doubled after 2 minutes with Alberto Cerri, who from the edge of the area on a turn made a great goal that made Sinigaglia explode.
In the eighth minute Reggiana shortened the gap with Pettinari. Mister Longo then inserted Ben Kone and Liam Kerrigan for Alessio Iovine and Moutir Chajia.
Simone Verdi also made his debut, entering in place of Alberto Cerri in the 73rd minute along with Marlon Mustapha, who took Abildgaard’s place instead. The number 90 after a few minutes immediately tries a conclusion that commits Bardi to a save. Marco Sala also enters for Nicholas Ioannou, who has given his all and is suffering from cramps. Reggiana won a penalty in the 88th minute for Mustapha’s foul on Vergara, on the penalty spot came Vido who shot to his right and despite Semper guessing, found the equalizer.
The first match at Sinigaglia for the Larians ends in a draw.

Next commitment of the Larians scheduled for Sunday, September 3 at 6:30 pm.



Scorers: Ioannou in 4′ pt; Cerri in 2′, Pettinari in 9′, Vido on a penalty kick. 45 mins st.

COMO (4-4-2): Semper; Vignali, Odenthal, Barba, Ioannou (from 34′ st Sala); Iovine (from 13′ st Kone), Abildgaard (from 27′ st Mustapha), Bellemo, Chajia (from 13′ st Kerrigan); Cerri (from 27′ st Verdi), Cutrone. Available: Vigorito, Curto, Baselli, Gabrielloni, Scaglia, Da Cunha, Cassandro. Coach: Longo.

REGGIANA (4-3-1-2): Bardi; Fiamozzi, Romagna, Marcandalli, Pieragnolo; Bianco, Cigarini (from 17′ st Kabashi), Nardi (from 17′ st Girma); Portanova (from 32′ st Vergara); Lanini (from 32′ st Vido), Pettinari (from 42′ st Varela). Available: Sposito, Satalino, Rozzio, Shaibu, Libutti, Cavallini. All. Nesta.


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