Como wins its fourth game in a row with Sampdoria thanks to a great display of cynicism and character.
Longo still opts for Verdi and Da Cunha to support the lone point Cutrone. The beginning offers no cues to the two teams, who study each other without imposing any threat on their respective defenses.
Como, however, is aggressive in pressing but in the first half hour must contend with the guests’ solid defense. Sampdoria twice got to the shot but found in front of an alert Semper who neutralized. Como tried to make an appearance in the 35th minute with Verdi opening for Ioannou on the left, the Cypriot stretched for Da Cunha who served Verdi on the edge of the area, his volley was parried in a low catch by Stankovic. The Larians again came forward 3 minutes from the end of the first half with Ioannou putting in the middle for Cutrone, the number 10’s header found a prompt save from the host defender.
The first half of the game thus ends with the result 0-0.

Same 22 in the second half, with Como starting strong and in the 10th minute finding the goal, again with Ioannou, who header at the second post beat Stankovic making Sinigaglia scream with joy.
Longo in the 65th minute put Cassandro and Sala in for Iovine and Ioannou, who took the applause of all the Larian supporters. Como solidly managed the next 10 minutes going in search of a double, Longo putting Gabrielloni for Verdi and Abildgaard for Da Cunha. Como still looking for a goal with Kone shooting from outside engaging Stankovic in a low save at the corner.
Doria also tried with De Luca committing Semper to a good save with a header. At 83, Moutir Chajia also entered in place of Patrick Cutrone. Como came very close to doubling the score in the 88th minute with Chajia serving Gabrielloni who, with a sure shot and marked by a defender, put out by inches.

Fourth win in a row that makes Como fans dream, next appointment Sunday, Oct. 1 at 4:15 p.m. on the field of Bari.



Scorer: Ioannou in the 9th st.

COMO: Semper; Curto, Odenthal, Barba; Iovine (from 21′ st Cassandro), Bellemo, Kone, Ioannou (from 21′ st Sala); Verdi (from 28′ st Gabrielloni), Da Cunha (from 28′ st Abildgaard); Cutrone (from 38′ st Chajia). Available: Vigorito, Solini, Baselli, Blanco, Kerrigan, Arrigoni, Scaglia. Mr. Longo.

SAMPDORIA: Stankovic; Stojanovic, Ghilardi, Murru, Barreca; Girelli (from 22′ st De Luca), Verre (from 35′ st Ricci), Yepes (from 22′ st Vieira); Pedrola, Esposito (from 45′ st La Gumina), Borini. Available: Tantalocchi, Ravaglia, Askildsen, Kasami, Malagrida, Giordano, Gonzalez, Delle Monache. All. Pirlo.


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