Como – Spal 3-3

Fabregas starts from the first minute who, given Captain Bellemo’s injury, wears the armband. The number 4 plays behind the strikers with Baselli low top, Blanco and Faragò to complete the midfield department.
Spal took the lead in the 7th minute with a shot from outside by Maistro that beats Ghidotti. Como tries to respond with Cutrone, launched by Vignali, but his lob ends high.
A few minutes pass and Lariani find a draw with Cutrone who, served by Mancuso, beats Alfonso with a touch of billiards in the corner. Again Como, which takes courage, Mancuso’s counterattack who shoots on goal finding the answer from Alfonso, on the retorted brawl in the area without Como being able to get to the shot.
Como tries again with two chances before the half hour, Paolo Faragò freed to the limit pulls by finding the deviation of a defender and then with Binks who puts out a little with his head.
Como tries again this time with Odenthal who on his teammate’s shot finds himself in front of Alfonso but in acrobatics he fails to finish on the net, disturbed by a defender.
In the final, Como was very close to scoring with Mancuso, but his conclusion hit the goalkeeper’s post and shoulder before going out to the baseline.

Recovery started just one minute and Como took the lead: Fabregas serves Cutrone on the right, the sharp shot of the number 63 pierces Alfonso for the Lariano advantage.
Como tries with the counterattacks, Mancuso on the counterattack after the recovery of Cutrone serves Blanco, the Spaniard on the edge of the area does not hook well and is stopped by the defense. At 12 ‘Fabregas serves Mancuso who turns it to Faragò in front of Alfonso, the action is stopped for a foul by number 77.
At 13 ‘, however, Spal freezes Como and finds the equalizer with Gabriele Moncini’s header. For Como at 21 ‘Moutir Chajia enters and returns to the field after the injury suffered in November 2021 against Parma. Chajia immediately invents, launch for Ioannou who makes the whole band on the counterattack and beats Alfonso for 3-2.
For Como, Scaglia and Cerri also enter for Fabregas and Mancuso. Como suffers but tries to restart on the counterattack, first with Blanco, stopped in a foul way, and then with Chajia, whose shot is saved by Alfonso. Como again, with Arrigoni chasing every ball, the number 21 on Cerri’s pass is in the penalty area, but slips before concluding.
Como also tries in the final with Chajia, but it is Spal who find the equalizer with a shot from distance by Esposito.

Championship stopped next weekend for the national break, Lariani back on the field on Friday 30 September at 20:30 on the field of Cosenza.



Scorers: Maistro on 8 ‘, Cutrone on 12’ pt; Cutrone at 1 ‘, Moncini at 14’, Ioannou at 27 ‘, Esposito at 48’ st.

COMO: Ghidotti; Vignali, Odenthal, Binks, Ioannou; Faragò (from 22 ‘st Celeghin), Baselli (from 35’ st Arrigoni), Blanco; Fabregas (from 30 ‘st Scaglia); Cutrone (from 22 ‘st Chajia), Mancuso (from 30’ st Cerri). Available: Vigorito, Cagnano, Iovine, Gabrielloni, Parisians, Solini, Delli Cari. Herds Guidetti.

SPAL: Alfonso; Dickmann, Varnier (from 22 ‘pt Peda), Meccariello, Tripaldelli (from 21’ st Celia); Proia, Esposito, Valzania; Maistro (from 17 ‘st Zanellato); La Mantia (from 17 ‘st Finotto), Moncini. Available: Thiam, Fiordaliso, Zuculini, Prati, Almici, Rauti, Tunjov, Rabbi. Mgr. Venturato.


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