Palermo – Como 0-0

Mister Longo brings back the Ascoli trident, with Cerri, Cutrone and Mancuso in front. Luis Binks is also back among the 11 starters together with Da Riva.
In the first minutes the Lariani look for Cerri’s centimeters as a buoy for Cutrone’s setting and speed in depth, precisely on number 63 he arrives after 4 minutes at the first conclusion, saved by Pigliacelli.
The match heats up, first Palermo takes a post with Segre and then Mancuso is launched deep by Cerri but his shot is stopped by Pigliacelli.
In the 22nd minute Como became dangerous again, Cerri overtook Sala from the right and put in from the back for Cutrone who at first anticipated the defender at the near post but the ball went just wide.
After a header by Brunori, which was however saved by Vigorito in a safe grip, in the 30th minute Cerri shot a loose ball from outside after a scrum which also in this case did not see the target.
Como tries again in the 32nd minute: a corner kick for the home side, Alberto Cerri recovers the ball and runs halfway across the pitch to then open on Cutrone from the left to switch sides for Mancuso who shoots just barely high from the edge of the area .
In the final Lariani still very dangerous with two chances, the first from Cutrone who receives from Bellemo on the right side and shoots to cross with the ball that comes out very little. In the second one Mancuso changes sides very well after having received from Cagnano again for number 63, who this time supports for Cerri who ends just a little higher. The first half ends with the result of 0-0.

Same 22 on the pitch in the second half, with Como trying immediately after two minutes before with a shot from Cutrone, retaliated by the defense and then with Cerri who recovered, freed himself for the shot which was stopped by Pigliacelli.
Como again, in the 63rd minute with Cutrone who wins a nice ball in midfield and launches towards the Palermo area, then serves Da Riva who dissociates Mancuso, but his razor strikes just a little.
In the 71st minute there was the first substitution for the Larian side, with Alex Blanco coming on for Patrick Cutrone. After 5 minutes Faragò and Ambrosino also enter for Da Riva and Mancuso.
5′ from the end Gabrielloni also enters for Cerri and Ioannou for Cagnano. It is the Cypriot himself who has the last chance of the match at his feet: ambrosino receives the ball on the left, cuts into the area Ioannou who receives and kicks but Pigliacelli covers the space well and blocks.

The match therefore ends in a draw, 0-0 at the Barbera. Como which is preparing to face Reggina on Sunday 11 December at 3 pm at the Sinigaglia stadium.



PALERMO : Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelgearu, Bettella; Di Mariano (from 31’st Soleri), Segre (from 20’st Broh), Gomes (from 39’st Stulac), Damiani (from 20’st Valente), Sala; Vido (from 20’st Saric), Brunori. Subs: Grotta, Massolo, Pierozzi, Accardi, Floriano, Marconi, Devetak. All. Corini.

COMO : vigorous; Vignali, Odenthal, Binks Cagnano (from 41’st Ioannou); From Riva (from 31’st Faragò), Bellemo, Arrigoni; Cutrone (from 30’st Blanco), Cerri (from 41’st Gabrielloni), Mancuso (from 36’st Ambrosino). Subs: Ghidotti, Bolchini, Scaglia, Celeghin, Ba, Delli Carri. All. Longo.


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