Reforms and energy saving are the main themes of the Lega B Assembly

Lega Serie B meeting in Milan with all the companies present. At the beginning, in the communications of President Mauro Balata , revenues were updated with a view to greater economic sustainability and to contrast the strong crisis that is affecting the various economic sectors of the country, including football.

On the subject of reforms system, the Assembly delegated the President Balata, together with a restricted representation, to open urgent discussion tables with the components, as part of a reflection that must be carried out with the Football Federation, in order to share a path reformer who aims at the effective modernization of the Italian football movement, making it sustainable in economic and financial management and once again competitive with other countries. Precisely in this direction exactly one year ago, in October 2021, the Assembly of the Serie B League had already unanimously approved the proposed reform of the championships arrived by the federal president, confirming itself as the first supporter of a radical change.

It was also noted the need to accompany the reform of the leagues with a profound revision of the federal governance structure, in order to make it more modern and as much as possible in line with the contribution that each component provides to the Italian football system.

Treated the topic of energy efficiency with the relationship that will turn into a protocol of good practices and virtuous behaviors such as the use of lights for daytime races, which will be turned on only in the event of unfavorable weather conditions or with limited visibility, and some structural measures to be adopt in stadiums and sports centers to generate savings.

Piracy . During the Assembly, the activity against the offenses deriving from the piracy of the broadcasting of the championship matches was illustrated, which entail an estimated damage to the economy, especially to the territorial one, of 1.7 billion a year. Actions are those of League B which resulted in 944 domain names and IP addresses being blocked in 2021, with 100% of precautionary measures accepted by the court: ‘But it is necessary to involve public opinion, through the clubs, on the huge damages in terms of turnover and employment that generate these offenses, ‘said Balata. Also in this regard, the president of the LNPB announced that he is joining Fapav, the federation that protects the audiovisual content industry.

NFT . The Assembly was informed of some concrete offers, of significant value and not exclusive, which already exceed those received last spring, relating to static and mesh NFTs, the latter being an innovative area in the Non-Fungible Token sector. League B, while satisfied with the results achieved, believed that the market should remain open to continue the ongoing negotiations and enter into new ones.

Finally, appointments were made with the general manager of Como 1907 Carlalberto Ludi who will hold the role of representative of the B League at the European leagues, while Paolo Tagliavento , vice president of Ternana, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the technical sector of the Figs.


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