Reggina – Como 1-4

Cerri and Scaglia return from the first minute for Como with the Larian battering ram in front of him teamed up with Ettore Gliozzi. Confirmed the 4-4-2 of the match against Vicenza with Blanco and Parigini on the outside.
In the first 20 minutes two chances for the hosts, first with Denis and then with Cortinovis, both ended on the bottom. For Como, on the other hand, a nice header by Gliozzi judged foul by Robilotta due to the contact with Turati.
At 18 ‘the Como becomes dangerous with a triple chance: first Parisians who primed by Cerri on the left finds the great rejected by Turati, on the rebound Cerri goes to the conclusion but still exceeds the amaranth defender who rejects; However, the action is not over, on the wrong raise of the hosts Bellemo recovers and serves Cerri who goes to the conclusion.
The goal is in the air and Como achieves it with Parigini who launched by Cerri goes with a lob on which Turati can do nothing, 1-0 for the Larians.
Reggina tries to find a draw with Cionek who beats Gori with his head but finds the great overhead shot by Gliozzi with an unguarded goal that avoids the draw.
At 34 ‘the attacker from Siderno is also the protagonist in his area of competence with a great header from a cross from Ioannou that hits the inside post and then falls prey to the defense.
After a minute, Como again, still headed, this time with Cerri with the ball coming out just to Turati’s right.
Como doubles in the 41 ‘minute: Parigini puts in the middle for Blanco, the Spanish winger anticipates everyone and signs the 0-2, result with which the first portion of the game ends.

In the second half Reggina shortens the distance in the 7th minute with Denis, who after a nice descent by Adjapong from the left receives the low pass and puts in the net.
Como responds, first with Gliozzi from the right who is stopped by Turati’s low grip exit and then with a series of 3 corner kicks, in the last of which Cerri arrives first of all and heads the initials.
the 1-3.
For Como enters La Gumina for Gliozzi and shortly after Peli and Nardi for Parigini and Blanco. Just the Sicilian striker 10 minutes from the end takes advantage of Nardi’s assist, lets the ball bounce and first of all signs the fourth goal of the Larians.

Next and last championship round for the Larians scheduled for Friday 6 May at 20:30 in the home match against Cremonese.



Scorers: Parisians on 21 ‘, Blanco on 43’ pt; Denis at 8 ‘, Cerri at 16’, La Gumina at 37 ‘st.

REGGINA : Turati; Cionek (from 20 ‘st Paura), Amione, Franco (from 10’ st Giraudo); Adjapong, Ejjaki, Crisetig, Cortinovis, Bellomo (from 10 ‘st Rivas); Montalto (from 20 ‘st Galabinov), Denis (from 30’ st Foti). Available: Micai, Loiacono, Bianchi, Carlucci, Folorunsho, Diop, Ménez. Herds Stellone.

COMO : Gori; Iovine, Scaglia, Solini, Ioannou; Parisians (from 30 ‘st Peli), Arrigoni, Bellemo, Blanco (from 30’ st Nardi); Gliozzi (from 19 ‘st La Gumina), Cerri (from 39’ st Gabrielloni). Available: Facchin, Zanotti, Bertoncini, Kabashi, Ciciretti, Varnier, Vignali, Bovolon. Mgr. Gattuso.


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