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Banner Regulations

Como 1907 S.r.l. intends to explain the current regulations to all its supporters, as per the decision taken on the 8th March 2007 by the Osservatorio Nazionale on Sporting Events. The procedure to bring banners, flags, or choreography into the stadium is summarised below: A seguire l’iter procedurale da rispettare.

1. Fill in the application form legibly in block capitals.

2. Attach photographic documentation.

3. Send the completed and signed document by email (with attached photographs) at least 5 working days before the match, according to the following terms: if the match is taking place on Sunday (including early and late arrivals), the request must be sent by 6:00 pm on the Tuesday before the match. Submissions may only be sent exclusively by email to or delivered directly to Como HQ, in Viale Sinigaglia, 2.

4. All completed applications will be reviewed by Como 1907, who will forward them to the Operational Safety Group (GOS) for approval.

5. Como 1907 will then send the authorisation received by the GOS no later than the fifth working day before the match.

6. Those responsible for the banners, flags, and choreography must arrive directly at the stadium entrance of the sector where the authorisation of the display has been requested, along with a copy of the received authorisation, copy of request sent, and a valid ID.

7. At the end of the match, the authorised material must be removed.


– The application form must be completed in full, signed, and sent with photographic documentation.

– Specifications of the material that will be used for the banners and/or choreography must be included, indicating their content and the timing of the choreography.

– Please note that no authorisation will be issued if the identified group includes persons subject to a ban on entering sports facilities (D.A.SPO.).

– Authorisation may be granted provided that there are no obstacles to public order, public safety, or fire safety. Additionally, the dimensions of the materials used must not be so large as to obstruct the view of other supporters.

– The display of material other than that authorised will result in the immediate removal and expulsion of the offender, who may then be subject to regulations concerning the ban on access to sports facilities and the withdrawal on the authorisation to display the banner.

– Please be reminded that it is also forbidden to bring any noisemakers (megaphones, drums, etc.) into the sports facility.

– No authorisation is required for flags (rectangular banner attached on one of the shorter sides to a pole, if the pole is permitted by the applicable regulations) carrying only and exclusively the team’s colours, and the colours of the countries represented on the pitch.

Away Games

Requests should be sent to the receiving club at least 7 working days before the match

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