Venice – Como 3-2

Longo chooses the Cerri – Cutrone pair for attack while Alessandro Bellemo returns in midfield along with the confirmed Faragò.
The first dangerous action is by Venezia, which from the right
In the 8′ minute, however, it is Como that takes the lead, Binks launches Ioannou, Svoboda recovers the ball but slips, the number 44 then puts in the middle at the second post where Vignali recovers and puts in the middle for Cerri, the number 27 serves Da Cunha who first has his conclusion blocked by Joronen but then on the tap-in makes no mistake and goes to exult under the sector of the Larian fans.
Venezia tried to respond in the 20th minute with Jonsen’s header hitting the crossbar, the ball went back in but the hosts did not materialize the second chance.
It is Como, however, that looks for the double after only a minute with Cerri who header on a cross from Vignali calls for a miracle from Joronen, who is very good in counter-time to deflect the ball.
The game in the second half offered fewer chances with Como exploiting mostly the centimeters of Cerri and the eagerness of Cutrone while Venezia relied on the pivot work of Pohjanpalo.
Towards the end of the half Como still goes in search of the double, Binks with a nice change of field reaches Cutrone who stoops well on the right side and puts in the middle low to Cerri who, however, is anticipated in low exit by Joronen.
It was Venice, however, that found the equalizer with a fine conclusion by Candela that beat Gomis. Thus, the first half ends with the result 1-1.

Same 22 in the second half, with Venice starting strong and in the 3rd minute going in on goal with Milanese. After 2 minutes, Venezia stretched the lead with Pohjanpalo to make it 3-1 for the hosts.
Double change for Longo, who then puts in Parigini and Mancuso for Binks and Cerri. The two newcomers exchange the ball after about half an hour of play in the second half but No. 11 kicks it high.
Como, however, struggles and fails to create any important chances, so Longo again tries to shuffle the cards with a triple change. In the 70th minute Blanco, Gabrielloni and Da Riva entered for Cutrone, Vignali and Faragò.
The Larians tried mostly by taking advantage of Parigini ‘s crosses and in the 91’ right from one of these crosses Gabrielloni found the goal that shortened the distance, Como would have 4 minutes to equalize.
The white-blue tried from the right with the Parigini duo, with the outfielder, however, not finding space closed off well by the hosts’ defense. The Larians tried again with a long throw in the final but failed to hook the result, in the final seconds of recovery they were left with 10 men due to the expulsion of Scaglia.

It breaks the positive streak of the team, which will return to work this week ahead of its next home engagement with Genoa.



Scorers: Da Cunha 8′, Candela 45′ pt; Milanese 3′, Pohjanpalo 5′, Gabrielloni 45′ st.

VENICE: Joronen; Svoboda, Ceppitelli, Carboni; Candela, Milanese (from 33′ st Pierini), Tessmann, Ellertsson, Zampano; Pohjanpalo (from 28′ st Novakovich), Johnsen (from 18′ st Cheryshev). Available: Bertinato, Neri, Redan, Modolo, Ciervo, Cheryshev, Jonsson, Sverko. All. Vanoli.

COMO: Gomis; Odenthal, Scaglia, Binks (from 9′ st Parigini); Vignali (from 26′ st Da Riva), Da Cunha, Bellemo, Faragò (from 26′ st Gabrielloni), Ioannou; Cerri (from 9′ st Mancuso), Cutrone (from 26′ st Blanco). Available: Vigorito, Cagnano, Iovine, Chajia, Canestrelli, Arrigoni, Pierozzi. Coach: Longo.


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