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New Kit del Como, between art and social commitment.

Como 1907 presented the new Home kit. A kit created to amaze both on and off the pitch.

Designed by high fashion designer Didit Hediprasetyo , the new kit is part of a unique project that will raise funds for the local community. In fact, ALL the profits from the sale of gaming uniforms will be donated to finance works of social utility in the city of Como and in the Como area.

“I wanted a design that was inspired by the tranquility and serenity of the lake; therefore, I asked the artist Golnaz Jebelli to paint the variety of the texture of the water and the strength and structural compactness of the marble so as to convey a sense of intense energy ”says Didit Hediprasetyo .

“I love working with textures and expressing a feeling of energy and movement through colors and brushstrokes. This collaboration has been particularly gratifying for the way in which it has made art, design and sportswear coexist ”continues Golnaz Jebelli .

Before fans can buy the new jersey, there will be the possibility to receive the reproduction of the painting in digital format to use as a screensaver, in addition to the lithographs of the painting.

The lithographs will be available on the website at a price between 10 and 50 euros and the proceeds from the sales will go to a series of socially useful projects for the Como area. Each donation will earn you a credit towards the purchase of the kit.

And to give Como fans further support, the club has promised to keep the same kit for at least two sporting seasons, with the ultimate goal of having the same design for five years.

“Football kits and merchandising have become a sizable source of income for teams around the world, but at the same time they can be a burden on parents whose children expect to wear the latest model every year. that this doesn’t happen with our fans. We firmly believe that rebuilding the club should help the local community thrive. This initiative is a small step towards building a lasting and hopefully fruitful relationship between us and the people of Como. ” , he has declared Mirwan Suwarso , official representative of the owner group.

The general sale of the kit will start on October 1, 2022.