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About Us

Founded in 1907, Calcio Como has been a historic pillar of Italian football, with a legacy rooted in passion, dedication, and community involvement.

Its history is marked with notable achievements, including three Serie B championships and four Serie C titles. The club has also graced Serie A multiple times, showcasing its caliber at the highest level of the game.

In 2017 the club faced adversity when financial troubles led to relegation to Serie D. Revitalization came in 2019 with the acquisition by Indonesian conglomeration the Djarum Group, who spearheaded a successful resurgence, culminating in a return to Serie B in 2021.

Nestled on Lake Como’s shore, the Giuseppe Sinigaglia Stadium encapsulates Como 1907’s deep roots within its city. The club embodies Como’s vibrancy, historic charm, and community spirit.


Stadio Comunale G. Sinigaglia

Viale Giuseppe Sinigaglia, 2, 22100 Como CO, Italy