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Community Projects

We’re all fans of Como

On and off the pitch, Como 1907 is dedicated to being engaged members of the local community, working with other local enterprises to build prosperity.

We want to be world class in every sense: a world class club playing world class football in a world class setting, surrounded by world class partners, businesses and a world class sense of community.

Ultimately, everyone in Como is connected by our love for the region. Como 1907’s goal is to work to strengthen the bonds between us for the good of the community and all its businesses. That means reaching out way beyond Como to the world, to invite global solutions to our specific challenges and ambitions.

Promoting social change

From combating childhood leukaemia and promoting education, to strengthening communities and revitalising community services, Como 1907 is committed to tackling local environmental and economic challenges head-on such as unemployment and health, strengthening communities and restoring community services. We’re investing in youth development, supporting charitable causes, and promoting sustainability. In fact wherever we see the opportunity, we’ll try to use our influence to promote social change.

Get involved and see how you can help.

Childhood Leukemia

Playing our strongest team against childhood leukaemia

Leukaemia is the most common and frequent paediatric cancer. Approximately 400-500 children get sick each year in Italy and it is the second leading cause of death for kids after traffic accidents.

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Since 2019, Como 1907 has had a one of a kind team called the Fuoriclasse.

Every Friday, this group of youngsters with intellectual-relational disabilities trains accompanied by professional coaches and first team players. It’s an opportunity to experience moments together and create a support system for both the parents and the teams.

A little something for every newborn

Our future and the future of our fans is very close to our hearts.

Como 1907 is giving new parents a baby grow with the official logo of our team.

Register our new little fan in the “Welcome to the Family” section and you will be able to download the official certificate of a new fan of Como 1907.