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We take the field with our best lineup to help defeat childhood leukaemia

Como 1907 and its chosen charity "Quelli che…con LUCA ONLUS"

Childhood leukaemia stands as the most prevalent form of paediatric cancer, affecting approximately 400-500 children annually in Italy. This terrible disease is the primary cause of death among children, second only to road accidents.

“Quelli che…con LUCA” was born in 2011 when, in the aftermath of losing his son Luca to the disease, Andrea Ciccioni decided to continue his son’s battle. Luca’s battle, marked by resilience and joy, resonated with medical professionals, researchers, and a multitude of supporters. 

Luca taught everyone not to give up, and since that day, his father Andrea has dedicated his life to raising funds and supporting research projects to not only find a cure for childhood leukaemia but to help make treatment less painful.

As soon as Como 1907 was introduced to “Quelli che…con LUCA”,thanks to the “Pesi Massimi” (one of the supporter groups), the club instantly recognised the importance and determination of the project and wanted to help as much as it could.

Buy the kit

For this reason, since 2022, Como 1907 has supported the research projects of “Quelli che…con LUCA” with various initiatives. Foremost among them was the handing over of the sponsorship of the away kit to not only give as much exposure to the charity but also all proceeds of sales of the jersey go to the charity.

Thanks to the support of Como 1907, in 2023, the research laboratory of the Tettamanti Foundation in Monza managed to purchase a useful machine for studying cellular metabolism: the Seahorse Analyzer.

In 2024, the continued support will mean that the team of excellent researchers will be able to buy a new machine: Incucyte. This will enable them to study and define CAR-T cells that are the future of research in the defeat of not only leukaemia but also tumours.

Your support, gathered in various initiatives, is important and truly precious. Each of us can contribute to making giant strides in this battle. Let’s continue to support “Quelli che…con Luca.”

Just some of our initiatives

  • Como 1907 used its 23/24 team and individual player photos to create a unique set of collectable art  for fans to get signed by their favourite players to raise money for the charity. You can buy these on our website.  
  • Donation of all profits from the sale of the Away Shirt adorned with the “Quelli che…con Luca” logo  
  • Donation of profits from a Gala Dinner held in honour of the charity which included a charity auction. 
  • Donation of proceeds from three game days. 
  • Donation of proceeds from the sales of all shirts at a special Pop-up store in Piazza Duomo over Christmas. 
  • Support for the “Pesi Massimi” fan group in the sale of official Como 1907 scarves.




The story of Davide

During the Como 1907 summer training in Bormio in 2023, there was time for training, getting to know each other, and also doing good by meeting those who, thanks to experimental treatments supported by the research of “Quelli che…con LUCA,” made it through.

This is Davide’s story, a fourteen-year-old full of determination, energy, and light in his eyes. Davide lives in Livigno, a few kilometres from Como’s summer training camp in Bormio. He fell ill when he was very young, and together with his mother Serena, father, and siblings, he faced the disease head on.

“It’s thanks to a doctor we met in the hospital that we learned about ‘Quelli che…con LUCA’ and the research on CAR-T cells,” says his mother Serena. “Davide was one of the first child patients to be treated with this experimental treatment, and he’s doing great. He pursues his dreams and never stays still.

“Supporting research is important, and we know where the money collected goes; we see it with our own eyes. Seeing the name ‘Quelli che…con LUCA’ on the Como 1907 away kit is emotional. The more the association is known, the more funds are raised, and the more research can progress”

“I dream of becoming a carpenter when I grow up. I go to school in Trento, which forces me to stay away from my family all week, so when I come back on weekends, I spend a lot of time with my brothers,” says Davide, chasing his dreams with eyes full of happiness and hope. “I like riding my bike, and if it were up to me, I’d never stay still. I hope that one day my creations with wood will make me a great artist.”

That day Davide had the opportunity to meet all the Como 1907 players who autographed a jersey for him, which was even more special ‘It was exciting. I was so lucky to receive a jersey autographed by all the players. It’s not an honour that happens to everyone!”.