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3SIXTY: Como’s Streetwear Pioneer

In the heart of Como, Daniele Loglisci, part-owner of streetwear shop and brand 3SIXTY, has woven his passions into the fabric of the city. Daniele and his business partner Andrea’s journey from underground hobbies to pioneering the first streetwear brand in Como is a testament to the power of following one’s passions.

“All my hobbies have become my jobs. I started with everything underground like graffiti, and skateboarding, I sang in punk bands and I studied fashion. I liked all of it so I cultivated a link between them.”

Daniele’s interests merged into a singular vision – to bridge the gap between culture and fashion building a long-lasting community in Como.

“The idea came up with my friend and now business partner Andrea. We were in a punk band and he asked me ‘What if we open a proper streetwear store in Como?’. Unfortunately, in recent years, fashion has little culture behind it. We decided to bring the culture back with this partnership with Como 1907”

Inspired by the rich history of football and brand collaborations like Palace and Juventus, Daniele and his team created a line of limited-edition merchandise rooted in the essence of Como, which you can find at his store on Via 5 Giornate 38.