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Behind The Art: Golnaz Jebelli

Iranian artist Golnaz Jebelli paid her visit to Stadio Sinigaglia on November 28, to witness the team in the jerseys inspired by her paintings of the lake of the Golnaz came to watch Como 190.

For Jebelli, who spent her life in India, Iran, Sweden, France, and Switzerland before settling in London, this was a monumental occasion.

“It’s my first time watching the team play in the shirts. I think it’s really cool to see it in action, because the theme and inspiration of my drawing is water and strength, and water is movement. Obviously, the players are constantly moving while on the pitch. The players’ physicality represents strength, and to see the pattern repeat itself while moving, it gives a powerful image.”

The artistic collaboration between her and Como 1907 began where her paintings served as the muse for the team’s jersey designed by Indonesian fashion designer Didit Hediprasetyo. . The project has very much been about pushing boundaries and she was very pleased to hear that the jersey is very popular with Como fans, and is adding to the identity of Como and Como 1907.

Born in India, Golnaz’s diverse experiences and global perspectives shine through her art. Beyond the football field, her creativity extends to the canvas, and the recent opening of Galleria Como provided a platform for her to showcase a new series of paintings inspired by the picturesque Lake Como.

“I’m here for the opening of Galleria Como. Following the collaboration with the shirts, Didit invited me to create a new series of paintings inspired by Lake Como for the opening of Galleria Como.”

The exhibition, titled “Beyond Reflections,” features 12 captivating pieces that capture the essence of the renowned Italian lake. Golnaz’s creative process is deeply personal, often accompanied by the meditative chants that help her attain a state of artistic ‘flow.’ Despite her preference for solitude during the painting process, as a mom of two kids Golnaz acknowledges the balancing act of motherhood, learning to navigate the space between artistic immersion and familial connections.