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Borgonovo Trophy: the 10th edition is by Facchin

Once the Como 1907 season is over, it’s time for awards. The winner of the tenth edition of the Borgonovo trophy is number 1 Davide Facchin, who thus ends his career by celebrating another success. In second and third place instead bomber Cerri and captain Bellemo. Among the top ten Parisians, Gabrielloni, Arrigoni, Ioannou, Chajia, Iovine, La Gumina.
The trophy, as every year, sees the presence in its organization of the Heavy Weights group.

2021/22 Davide Facchin
2020/21 Massimiliano Gatto
2019/20 Dr. Alberto Giughello
2018/19 Alessandro Gabrielloni
2017/18 Matteo Kucich
2016/17 Luca Zanotti
2015/16 Daniel Bessa
2014/15 Simone Andrea Ganz
2013/14 Giuseppe Le Noci
2012/13 Alfredo Donnarumma