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Chiara Porcaro: I Want to Win the Championship

Chiara Porcaro ‘the bomber’ of the Como 1907’s women’s first team “I want to win the  championship.”

Chiara Porcaro, a 23-year-old, attacker, is one of this year’s new signings. After winning six out of 8 games (at time of print) the team is currently second in the table with just two points seperating them from first placed Accademia Milano Calcio.

Chiara has made an impact immediately, she has scored 14 goals including an impressive three hat tricks in just eight games. 

“I am happy to have scored so many goals both for personal pride but above all for the contribution I have made to my team.I got along well from the start with the team, we are all loving playing together and you can see this through the results on the field. We train hard, practice set pieces and all know what we need to do when we step on the pitch. We are all determined to get promoted this season.”