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Como NFT: 11 thousand euros donated to EMERGENCY

Como 1907 made a donation of 11 thousand euros to the EMERGENCY Charitable Organization , in support of the victims of war and poverty, the result of the sale of its first NFT.

The Club’s sensitivity towards social issues led to the decision to create an innovative auction and to direct the proceeds from the sale of the NFT towards an organization that has been involved for years offering free and high-quality medical-surgical treatment to the victims of wars, landmines and poverty.

The artwork was purchased by an enthusiast from Como, but in Mississippi, United States!

The Larian company had launched the first NFT of Como on the international market “Tribuna d’onore for life” on 8 March. A golden ticket emerging from the depths of the deep blue lake, as a nod to the club’s Serie B championship in 2021 and the promise of a bright future. The NFT also included a lifetime VIP membership for all home games and a once in a lifetime travel package on Lake Como.

This is the first step of the Larian company towards this innovative market, subsequently others will be presented again with a Como 1907 theme and always with a strong bond with the community.