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Giulio Maceroni: Music, Sports and the Como Symphony

Giulio Maceroni, Como’s homegrown musician, became the center of attention last year for performing the Italian National Anthem on his helmet-shaped guitar on the MotoGP grid in Misano. He recently paid a visit to Stadio Sinigaglia to watch Como take on Lecco, where he took some time to talk about his life as a musician and his love for sport.

“Music is my life,” expresses Maceroni. “Working in both music and sports is my lifelong dream, so being invited to perform at MotoGP was a dream come true. Now, I would love to be able to create something unique for Como in the near future. I’m born and raised in Como and I want to make my city known throughout the world.”

Despite having a career that takes him around the world, Como remains an anchor for Maceroni—a constant source of inspiration. “Como is fundamental for me. It recharges me, and the great thing is that I never get tired of it. I have been lucky to be able to work all over the world, but I could never leave Como. Every time I’m away, I feel the need to return.” Giulio reflects on the grounding force that Como provides.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Maceroni is a key figure in the TILT music school, situated in San Fermo della Battaglia, just a short hop from Como’s city center. With over 250 students attending weekly, the school is a testament to Giulio’s commitment to nurturing local talents, fostering a unique blend of joy, sportsmanship, and music.

Raffaele Fumagalli, a close friend of Maceroni who was also present at the Stadium, sheds light on the artist’s multifaceted nature. “With Giulio, it’s not just about music, there’s a strong desire to have fun and entertain. The union of sport and music creates an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves.” Raffaele remarks, providing a glimpse into the vibrant community Giulio cultivates within the music school.

Looking ahead, Giulio hints at exciting plans. “I can’t share anything just yet, but you’ll see me on the other side of the world soon with some great news. I’m thrilled to bring my rock back to my city and share it with everyone,”.