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Marco Melillo

“The first match I watched was when Como was in Serie A, and they were playing against Sampdoria. It was during the 1987/88 season, and there were many notable players on the field, including Borgonovo and Corneliusson for Como. Sampdoria had Vierchowod, Cerezo, Mancini, and Fusi, among others” says Marco Melillo. 

Marco has been a passionate Como fan for a lifetime, starting his Como journey when he was young. His unwavering dedication to the club has grown stronger with each passing year.

“I became a Como fan as a child because my Uncle Giulio was already a Como fan when they were in Serie A at that time. When I saw the Como players in Panini stickers wearing the blue jerseys, I fell in love with it because blue is my favorite color”.

Whether it’s the childhood memories of watching Como games with wide-eyed wonder or the countless moments of joy and heartache shared with fellow fans, Marco’s journey as a Como fan has been a rich and rewarding journey that has shaped his love for the beautiful game:

“One of my most memorable moments was when we won the Serie D Championship. It was a challenging and nerve-wracking season with a long battle against Mantova. Finally, it allowed us to move out of the fourth division and begin this beautiful journey back up the football ranks”.

Since Marco has been an avid fan for many years, he shares some tips for new Como fans coming to a game for the first time: “You need to be present in the moment. Observe the game as much as you can, and feel the energy of the curva and join in on the chants. The stadium is like an extension of the team on the pitch on game day, and every supporter is a part of the team’s beating heart.”

And finally, he extends his best wishes to the team and sends his regards with the phrase “Forza Como!”