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Meet & Greet Experience: Greta

Thanks to Como 1907, Greta had a memorable day. She met Cas Odenthal at the meet & greet experience after the match. She was a bit intimidated at first, but then she was overjoyed.“.

Greta (28) is a huge football fan and often watches Como her mum, Silvia, who herself has been a Como fan for 40 years. In her daily life, Greta attends the CSE Il Nespolo – Faloppio, a socio-educational centre for people with disabilities. Among the centre’s activities is Ultra Di, a sports association with two mixed basketball teams of athletes with cognitive and relational disabilities.

Greta’s mum says: “During the meet-and-greet, we gave Cas an Ultra Di scarf and invited him to come and watch one of our games. It would be great if this dream would come true. For our athletes, it would be a wonderful gift.”

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