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Pierangelo Masciadri: Tie-making Art

Bellagio. Bellagio. A magical town, soothed by the waters of Lake Como, caressed by the wind, always full of tourists. At its heart, it has a showroom that makes style its trademark: Pierangelo Masciadri Arte e Moda, the shop that has won the hearts of US presidents and film stars.

A lover of art and a stylist, Pierangelo Masciadri uses Como silk to make his signature pieces, from bags to scarves to ties, worn by three US presidents: “The first was Bill Clinton, a person close to him noticed my shop, saw a tie and told me: this is perfect for him. He wore it on his re-election day. For Bush, on the other hand, it was different: they noticed that it brought Clinton luck and so they asked me to make him one too. He wore it in the televised debate against Kerry. He won!”

As a family-run shop, a true art gallery, Masciadri has won over Hollywood celebrities such as Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn, the legendary Kurt Russell, the brilliant Bill Gates, Prince Charles Albert of Monaco and, last but not least, Hillary Clinton.

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