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Touchpoint Spotlight: MOV Fitness Boutique

MOV fitness boutique is the first and only fitness boutique in the heart of Como and a touchpoint for Como4Como and ComoComoComo luxury merchandising.

The MOV fitness boutique’s founders are two Argentinian footballers, Josè Palomino and Bruno Camilletti, and co-founder Greta Introzzi. They are all great sports fans who decided to launch the fitness concept three years ago:“Combining our skills, which range from design to sport, we opened MOV fitness boutique in a special place,the ancient theatre of Palazzo Rodari, a historic building dating back to 1500. We offer our guests personalised training to help them experience a new way to exercise. Our project is young and growing. In just a few years, we have incorporated the most innovative trends and approaches in training and fitness.”“. It is not a traditional gym but an exclusive training destination in a private and welcoming atmosphere.

The space offers solutions for athletes who are looking for specific types of training, such as the TCR 2023 (Italy Touring Car Championship) champion – “for him we designed a specialist physical and cognitive training system,” the founders told Como magazine – but also for those approaching fitness for the first time. “We offer personalised fitness and wellness experiences that combine training with the most innovative trends in the sector, such as pilates, yoga, and traditional Chinese medicine’s ancient practices.”.

MOV fitness boutique is a special place in the heart of Como and welcomes everyone.