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Academy Corner: Fellipe Jack

Fellipe Jack, Brazilian central defender of Como 1907’s Primavera team, arrived from Palmeiras in the January market and immediately established himself in the young Lariani’s starting lineup. He told Como Magazine his story.

Starting with his arrival in Como: “My managers informed me about the proposal and the Como project was very interesting for me, for my future. I met with my family, and my managers, and we decided together. It was not easy, because I had to change country and language, but in the end, I said yes.”

His beginnings close to home “I started playing futsal for Vila Santista, then I went to Portuguesa, and finally, when I was 10 years old, the call came from Palmeiras. After a year of playing futsal, I switched to the pitch.”

Football, always football: “I just wanted the ball; my mother wanted to give me some toys, but all I wanted was a ball and football shoes. My first idol was Neymar, although he plays in a different role. He made me fall in love with football. In my role, however, Thiago Silva inspires me. He’s an example to follow as a person, and as a player. Some people here call me Thiago Silva because I look like him.”

Life in Italy: “It is a very different life from Brazil, much quieter. In Brazil, everything is frenetic. My biggest difficulty so far here is the language, besides that, it’s way too cold! My teammates, however, are helping me, especially Rispoli because he speaks Spanish and Strefezza since he’s been through the same journey.”

And the city: “I like the city a lot, it’s peaceful: just the way I like it. It’s my first time in Europe, and it’s exciting because it’s the dream of every Brazilian football player to play here.”

Italian culture: “I prefer Italian cuisine: pizza, spaghetti, I like everything. As for music, I prefer Brazilian music: it relaxes me, I listen to it before games and practise. I would recommend Camisa Dez, a beautiful Brazilian song.”