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Academy Corner: Naj Razi

Naj Razi, winger of Como 1907’s Primavera team, who arrived in Italy from Shamrock Rovers in the winter transfer market, found his first goal in the match against Cremonese’s peers: a magic free-kick for the momentary 2-1 in favour of Buzzegoli’s boys, who then lost 3-2 in the final minutes against the leading team.

And in this talk we start from there, from that goal that made the fans go crazy: “Scoring my first goal against Cremonese, the top club in the league, was thrilling. I decided to take the free kick because I’ve been practicing at training and it paid off with a brilliant goal into the top corner of the net”..

“I accepted to play with Como 1907 because I was attracted to the team’s reputation, the opportunity for personal and professional growth, and the chance to experience Italian football culture, the chances to work with great coaches such as Cesc Fàbregas aswell as the chances of playing in different leagues. The possibility of joining Como was completely unexpected for me”.

“I started playing football at the age of 5. My football idol is Cristiano Ronaldo because he works hard, performs consistently, and always aims for excellence. In Italy, football is more tactical and structured compared to Irish football. Adjusting to Italian football has been a bit challenging but overall enjoyable. Lipari has been the teammate who helped me settle in the most. He’s great at explaining things to me in English, and we have excellent communication and connection”.

‘My favourite place in Lake Como is Bellagio. Its stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve had the chance to taste Italian cuisine, and my favourite dish so far is spaghetti. The taste and texture are just amazing! One of my hobbies is playing videogames with friends. It’s a great way to relax and unwind. We usually gather online to play together, whether it’s cooperative games, competitive matches, or just chatting while playing solo games”.

“I aspire to compete at a world level and showcase my skills on a global stage”.