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BRIC’S, when Suitcases are a Good Family Tale

Internationally known as a synonym of class and elegance, the Bric’s brand also tells the story of a family with deep roots in Como. “Those were the years of the economic boom and there was a need to make suitcases for people moving from the South to the North” said Attilio, president of Bric’s, and Roberto, the general manager.

Our company’s mission is to produce a mid to high-end suitcase. 

The travel line was later followed by “business” line, salesman briefcases, and more. “Our dad had started a company not only for himself, but for his big family,” Roberto recalls, “The first ones to join the company were me and my sister Mariangela. Prompted by the children, Bric’s also opened up to foreign markets. The second generation of the Briccola family has been working together for 35 years now, “This is a great source of pride for us, we’re not taking it for granted just because it’s a family business. Today we are also focused on the next generational change.” But let’s go back to the past.

“In 1985 we defined the company’s mission, vision, organizational chart and budget that made us a leader in suitcases in America. Creating synergies and alliances is very important to grow together.”

Co-branding is an added value for Bric’s. The collaboration with Sent Retail means recognizing oneself in Como, in the beauty of the lake and in the simplicity of living of the Como people.