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The Art of Fabrizio Musa in the Sign of Terragni and Como

The 52-year-old Como-based contemporary artist Fabrizio Musa works between Como and New York. On October 7, 2023, he hosted an open studio event in Como. Known for his work with acrylics, Fabrizio showcased how he transcribed his passion for architecture onto canvas.

‌“When I began to represent architecture in my works, it was a natural transition to interpret what was around me and what has always fascinated me. The earliest work I studied was Giuseppe Terragni’s architecture. Shortly after that, I got in touch with the Terragni family who kindly offered to me this space which has now become my studio for 15 years. I’m honored to create my art here. I’ve even done a painting of the building Giuseppe Terragni designed behind Como 1907’s Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia: the Novocomum”.

Passionate about 80’s cinema and the fusion of art and architecture, Musa embraced a transition from photography to black-and-white paintings He is considered today both a traditional and visionary artist. Unlike other peers, Frabizio chose to work with acrylic.

Despite having lived for a long time in art cities like New York, Fabrizio never forgot his love for Como.

“Como is my hometown. It’s a city that I love and would never want to leave. Here I find the tranquility, inspiration, and culture that are the lifeblood of my work. It is when I return to Como, that I really feel at home.