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Touchpoint Spotlight: Capolinea Bistrot

Via Alessandro Volta 68/70, 22034 Brunate (CO)

Como4Como Touchpoint

“Our philosophy prioritizes quality over quantity. We are dedicated to offer our customers an unique and unforgettable experience.”

Elena Moroni is the owner of “Capolinea Bistrot,” a cornerstone of Como4Como’s offerings. It can be described as a fusion of quality, local essence, and culinary passion, just a short walk from the Brunate funicular in the province of Como.

“We chose to relocate from Milan to Brunate, enticed by the incredible opportunities presented by the Como area. Our concept of gastronomy revolves around utilizing high-quality local ingredients. This approach has been warmly received by both tourists and locals, propelling our rapid growth. When you factor in the breathtaking view of Como from our location, something truly special is created.”

“An air of Como1907 permeates Brunate. Historical fans sit at the bar, sharing tales of the club’s history with tourists, accompanied by the echoes of chants from the Sinigaglia stadium during home games. On some days, an atmosphere of enthusiasm envelops everyone in a shared sense of unity.”

“The Como4Como project offers the chance to support the team and the community, allowing you to take home a high-quality keepsake.”