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Cremeria Bolla

Via Cesare Cantù 36, 22100 Como CO

“I am the father of the youngest fan in Italy, of course, of Como 1907, a title I am very proud of” remarks Alberto Veterano, the owner of the renowned historical establishment “Cremeria Bolla dal 1893” located in Via Cesare Cantù. This iconic creamery stands as a vital touchpoint for Como4Como, embodying the spirit of Como’s lively community.

In the heart of Como, resides Alberto, a man with a profound love for Como city and the football club, Como 1907. But his devotion goes beyond being a passionate fan, he is also the president of “La Stecca”, a charitable association deeply rooted in Como. 

“I am proud that the team I support sustains local associations, contributing to the good of the city and creating a strong sense of belonging” says Alberto. The association wholeheartedly dedicates itself to aiding the smaller establishments within the Larian territory, with a particular focus on integrating young individuals with disabilities into society.

Alberto’s journey as a Como 1907 fan has been a lifelong love affair. Reflecting on the vibrant ’80s, he fondly remembers his active involvement with the ‘Fossa Lariana’ fan group, deeply embedded in the rich culture and companionship of the fanbase.
Moreover, Alberto made certain that the love for Como 1907 would persist within the family: “I ensured my son’s enthusiasm for the biancoblu colors by getting him a supporter’s card when he was only 1 year old.