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Touchpoint Spotlight: Cartoleria Michelangelo

Cartoleria Michelangelo is one of Como4Como’s best touchpoints, and it is driven by Giulia Camelliti’s passion inherited from her father, Michelangelo.

Giulia is the owner of Cartoleria Michelangelo, a quaint stationery shop located at Via Principale, 9, 22020 Faloppio CO. Her dedication to this charming establishment goes beyond business – it’s a heartfelt connection to her father’s legacy and a commitment to the local community.

“Thanks to the Como4Como project, which spreads and promotes its own merchandising, the brand of Como and of Como 1907, which also unites and brings the city under the same colors, is getting stronger and stronger,” she says.

Founded in 1985, Cartoleria Michelangelo quickly became more than just a stationery store. Giulia’s father, Michelangelo Camelliti, also established a Como 1907 fan club, making the shop a hub for fans in the Faloppio area. This deep-rooted connection between the shop and local football fans helped foster unity among the community and laid the foundation for the success of the Como4Como merchandise.

“I think the aim of the project is to revalue the Como brand, not only as a city, but as a whole community moving in the same direction. Producing and selling products only in the region is an excellent initiative both to have handicrafts and quality products, but also to sponsor and spread Como businesses and the Como tradition.”