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Edoardo Goldaniga: The Interview

Como 1907’s new defender grew up wanting to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Giacinto Goldaniga, a striker who played for a number of Italian clubs including Atalanta in Serie A. Edoardo Goldaniga’s football career however began in the youth ranks of Pizzighettone (where he later made his debut in Serie D in 2010) and Palermo, before joining Pisa in the First Division of the Lega Pro. From there, his professional career began, passing through Perugia, Palermo again, Sassuolo, Frosinone, Genoa and Cagliari, this has led to 150 appearances in Serie A, over 50 in Serie B and another 50 in Serie C which will be vital for the ambition of the Club.

Of all the cities he has lived in, and despite being born in Milan, Edoardo had never had the opportunity to visit Lake Como. While he looks to find a home in Como he is enjoying taking long walks around the lake with his dog, Nina (lovingly referred to as Ninny) and calls the City “Spectacular”.

We catch up with Edoardo on how he’s setting in, his talent for interior design and listening to Ultimo.

A new adventure, first impressions

After a brief chat with some of his former teammates such as Daniele Baselli about what to expect, Edo tells us how he felt arriving in Como: “I found a very well organised club, a great sports centre and a group of fantastic guys. I saw right away that this was a positive environment. Everything is there for us to perform well, we have important goals and we have to try to achieve them”.

Scoring at the Stadio Olimpico and other memories

Still emotional, Edoardo tells us about the game where he first made the starting line up in Serie A against Lazio “It was at the Stadio Olimpico against Lazio and after 20 minutes I scored a goal. It was the perfect debut.”

Among the many past beautiful experiences, there have also been some tough times. “In Sardinia during my first year with Cagliari we were relegated to Serie B on the last day of the championship against Venezia. That was a great disappointment because I had really put my all into helping the team escape relegation. But I stayed and last year I think I experienced one of the best feelings of my career. I have always played in Serie A but never had the chance to win anything so to win a Serie B championship through the playoffs was a tremendous joyful relief after two years of suffering.”

Edoardo, a versatile defender

“Over the last few years, I have always played alternating between a three and four-man defence. I’m quite flexible, I have no role preferences. But if I had to choose I’d say the right wing in the three-man defence. It’s the position I’ve probably played the most, but I also like to play as a central defender in a four-man defence.”

The Sinigaglia and the Como 1907 fans

“The fans are so important to us. Their closeness is fundamental when you play at home, to have an extra push and give your all to beat any obstacle. On my debut I was very well received by everyone, fans, teammates and club. The first impressions are very positive.”

The strongest striker he has faced

Having played in Serie A, Edoardo has faced many champions, but which is the strongest striker he has encountered? “The one who has impressed me the most over the years is definitely Edin Dzeko (in his Roma days), then Romero Lukaku and Victor Osimhen. As a defender, though, Edoardo has always observed and studied his predecessors. Especially a trio from Juventus: Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini. “I grew up watching the three of them, because they have specific characteristics I admire: Bonucci’s quality, Chiellini’s nastiness and Barzagli’s always perfect positioning.”

Fishing with Basselli and playing Padel on holiday

“I like fishing, a few years ago I also went with Basell and hope to explore the fishing around Lake Como. When I’m on holiday I also love to play Padel, it’s great fun. Another passion of mine is furnishing houses. I enjoy choosing and arranging furniture.” But at home, there is also room for relaxation and TV series. “I think I’ve watched everything that’s on Netflix, I liked ‘Prison Break’ a lot and the last one I watched was ‘Berlin'”.

Music when relaxing, not before a game

“I am unusual as a footballer as I don’t listen to music before a game. I prefer to listen to it in the car, one of my favourite singers at the moment is Ultimo. I listen to his songs when I am relaxed, not when I need to get charged up and focused before stepping out on the pitch .”