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Hitchcock and the Love for Nesso

A few kilometers from Como, bathed by the lake, caressed by the wind, there is a small town that made Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest directors ever, fall in love with it: Nesso.

‘The master of suspense’ shot part of his first movie, ‘The Pleasure Garden’, in Nesso, and Martino Molinari, president of the Pro Loco of the town in the province of Como, tells us about its beauty: “One of the most underrated towns on Lake Como, it is located halfway between Como and Bellagio, and a waterfall divides the village, creating a spectacular setting. The Orrido di Nesso is the most famous spot in our village, and on the Civera Bridge Hitchcock shot, in 1925, his first film. He was agitated about how well the filming went, but it went well. Also because Nesso is a truly unique, truly cinematic place.”

A place that has so much to offer, especially in summer: “The colors change, in hot weather you can even go swimming, from the bridge you can dive. It fills up with tourists. You can get there by boat, by bus and, of course, by car. The lakefront road is fantastic: the view is breathtaking.”

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