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Samuel Ballet: The Interview

Born in the serene city of Bern, Samuel Ballet, or as his friends like to call him, Sam, embarked on a footballing journey leading him to Como at the young age of 22. He began his career by honing his talents at BSC Young Boys, where he laid the foundations for his skills. Sam then moved to FC Winterthur where he evolved into a pivotal player playing a crucial role in their promotion to the top level of Swiss football. His achievements at Winterthur caught the attention of Como 1907, leading to a transfer and three-and-a-half-year contract with the club. Even though he has just recently moved to Como, Sam has quickly fallen in love with the city. The unique mix of Como’s charming, picturesque streets, along with being just a stone’s throw away from his home country, has made Como the perfect location for his first time living outside of Switzerland. Not to mention, Sam is also a fan of Italian culture, with Burrata and Lasagna being his favourite Italian dishes.

Reason for Joining Como 1907

Moving to a new club is not a decision that can be taken lightly, not to mention, in another country. However, for Sam, three main reasons made moving to Como irresistible: “First of all, it was, of course, the coaching staff with Cesc Fàbregas. You don’t always have the chance to work with a former football player of such greatness. The city of course was a big part of it, it’s not that far from Switzerland and the club’s project as well. We want to win to get Serie A. Everything about the project was great. So, I decided to come.”

Integrating the team and the city

At his arrival, Sam reunited with some familiar faces, “Of course, I knew JP (Jean-Pierre Nsame) from when we played at Young Boys. I also knew Patrick Cutrone because he played in the Premier League and Lucas Da Cunha because he played in Switzerland two years ago I think.” As he’s settling in, he’s getting to know the city and the language as well, “I understand a little bit of Italian now. I’ve been to a few places with JP and other French-speaking players. My favourite restaurant has been this steakhouse, Locanda Dei Giurati. I like meat. I’m actually looking forward to the summer to take a boat tour and maybe go hiking.”

Idols in and outside Football

Sam finds his greatest inspiration in two footballing icons: Cristiano Ronaldo, because of his work ethic, and Neymar, for his unique playing style. Beyond the pitch, He looks up to Lebron James, “because he’s the Cristiano Ronaldo of basketball, and I really like the mentality and culture in the NBA”. He also mentioned his style icon, NFL and Buffalo Bills player Stefon Diggs, “For me, he’s the best-dressed athlete in the world (laughs).”

Expressing Individuality through Fashion and Music

Sam’s eye for flair extends to the worlds of fashion and music, “It all started on social media, first with music. I was more into rappers, when looking into their lives and what they do besides music I developed a passion for fashion. My favourite designer is Rick Owens because his clothes are different. I like to wear things that are different from what others wear, without going overboard. I’m also a big sneaker fan, I would say that I’m a sneakerhead; I started collecting shoes at 16.”

Rating His Teammates Style

Even in the locker room, Sam’s keen eye for fashion doesn’t miss a beat. When asked about his teammate’s styles, Sam commented, “I’ve noticed many guys with good taste like Marco (Curto) and Šemper. Lucas as well. And Niko (Gioacchini), despite claiming he’s not into fashion, we know he is because of his stylish tunnel outfits in the MLS.” As for players who are not so fashionable, “I don’t think anyone stands out as the worst so far; maybe it’s because it’s still winter. I will see what happens in the next month, then maybe I will have a list (laughs).”

Pre-game Routines

Sam’s pre-game rituals are deeply personal, reflecting his strong faith: “Right before the game, I always pray. My faith is important to me; I’m a Christian. So, when I wake up, I start my day with prayers. Before the game, I pray. Whenever I score a goal, make an assist, or even when things go well or before eating or going to bed, I always thank God. I believe it’s essential to be grateful for where I am and remember where I come from, considering there are many people worldwide facing challenges.”

Advice for aspiring footballers?

As a young footballer, part of a new generation of talents, Sam has some advice for all young people out there who wish to follow the same path: “Always believe in yourself. Work hard, have confidence. However, the most crucial lesson I’ve learned is not to let others dictate your path. While it’s important to take advice and make corrections, ultimately, you must remain true to yourself. Give your all, stay committed, and be willing to make sacrifices, especially when you’re young.”