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Mag Sports: for Sports and Nature Lovers

In the heart of Como, Andrea Ramini, a 52-year-old Como enthusiast, shares his remarkable journey from the Fossa Lariana terraces to the creation of MAG Sport, a beacon for sports and nature lovers alike.

“I have been a Como fan for more than forty years, perhaps even longer. During that time, I used to attend the Fossa Lariana when the old Curva was still there. For four or five years, I was a regular at the Sinigaglia. Every Sunday, I would often go to away games as well.”

In September 2022, Andrea responded to the pandemic’s challenges with the birth of MAG Sport. More than just a sports store, it became a haven for those seeking solace in sports and nature during uncertain times. While cherishing personal connections with customers, Andrea’s aim with MAG Sport is to recreate the local shop experience. He finds joy in customers returning, whether for advice or quality products personally chosen by him.

Intrigued by the British flair of the Como4Como project, Andrea reached out to be a part of it. “I appreciate the concept of unique merchandise. There’s also the charitable aspect, with a percentage going to good causes, which particularly resonated with me. It was precisely this philanthropic element that motivated me to inquire about featuring these products in my store.”