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Christmas Cheer to School Kids with Traditional Tombola Game

This holiday season, Como 1907 is embracing a classic Italian tradition by involving local school kids in the joy of Tombola. Originating from Naples, Tombola is a popular Christmas game that resembles bingo, bringing people together for a fun-filled time during the festive season.

Committed to its community involvement, Como 1907 organized a special Tombola event inviting a nearby school. Around 35 students from Scuola Primaria Corridoni got the chance to play the game alongside Alessandro Gabrielloni, a Como 1907 striker, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved.

The initiative aims to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and revive the essence of this traditional Italian pastime. By involving the younger generation, Como 1907 seeks to foster a sense of community and shared experiences during the holiday season.

As the school kids eagerly engage in the friendly competition, the event becomes a lighthearted and memorable way to celebrate Christmas.