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Touchpoint Spotlight: La P’osteria

Via Lungo Telo di Sinistra, 3, 22010 Argegno CO

My passion for Como 1907 began in the ’90s when I used to take my bicycle and go watch the training sessions in Orsenigo. Overtime, my passion turned into a job, and on Sundays, I would read out the starting lineup at the G. Sinigaglia Stadium. My voice always trembled because the excitement was truly immense”.

Niccolò Civelli is the owner of P’Osteria in Argegno on the western shore of Lake Como. Among typical lake dishes made with local products and some influences from Piedmontese cuisine, the family atmosphere makes the dining experience truly unique.

“We have been in business for 10 years, and for us, this is a source of pride, especially after the tough times during COVID. Now, in addition to the restaurant, we also have a bistro and a few rooms to accommodate tourists from around the world.
“I have embraced the Como4Como project because, beyond football, it allows our guests to take home something from our city. This is truly exciting for me, and the project, with its charitable aspect, allows us to help the local community through truly deserving initiatives. As a resident of Como and a fan, this is something unique.”