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Matthias Braunöder: The Interview

Hailing from the quaint city of Eisenstadt in Austria, Como 1907’s latest addition to the midfield is Matthias Braunöder. At just 21 years old, Matthias brings a wealth of experience to the team. He developed his football skills at FK Austria Wien, where he progressed through the ranks to the first team. With over 100 professional matches under his belt, including notable appearances in the UEFA Conference League, Matthias has proven he belongs at the top of his craft. The young Austrian talent also holds the captaincy for his U21 national team, showcasing his leadership qualities on the pitch. Como 1907 has secured Matthias on a loan deal with the option to buy. His arrival not only promises excitement for the future but also provides an immediate boost to the team.

Still new to Como, Matthias is living abroad for the first time away from his family. Fortunately, the city’s breathtaking views and charming small restaurants have made his stay so far very enjoyable. In addition to the city’s beauty, Matthias also highlights the importance of Como’s proximity to Austria and having his girlfriend here with him, both of which have made Como an even more delightful place for him to call home.

Family Matters

Matthias is a family-oriented person and holds a strong emphasis on family values. When discussing his bond with his family, he mentioned, “I enjoyed living with my family, also with my grandparents and my cousins close by. In Austria, we used to all live very close to each other in one village. Now, my family comes to visit once every few months or so. We like to play a traditional Austrian card game together called Schnapsen and I always win (laughs). Generally, with my parents, I enjoy having a nice time with them no matter what we do.”

Footballing Style, Role Models, and Idols

When questioned about his footballing style, Matthias explained, “I consider myself a very balanced player. I possess good physical attributes, especially for my height. I am also a technical and tactical player. For my position, being balanced is crucial.” He draws inspiration from N’Golo Kanté, stating, “I admired Kanté during his peak because I believe that my playing style is similar to his.” Lionel Messi has a special spot in Matthias’ list of footballing greats, “I think he’s the best of all time, and his personality is incredibly calm. If I could be like Messi, I’d do it in a heartbeat (laughs).” Beyond football, skier and compatriot Marcel Hirscher represents the quintessential winning mentality for the young Austrian talent.

New friends in the team

Matthias has swiftly found a new family in Como through his bond with his teammates: “Everyone welcomed me very well, the first day I was nervous but excited at the same time. At the moment I get along very well with Cas (Odenthal), who sits beside me in the dressing room, and Oliver (Abildgaard). I’m with them most of the time, whether it’s during training or before and after sessions. Cas, especially, enjoys teasing and joking. He hasn’t pulled a prank on me yet but probably he’ll do it in the next weeks, so I should prepare myself (laughs).”

Discovering Como

Still relatively new to the city, Matthias has been exploring Como by foot accompanied by his girlfriend, “We live 10 minutes away from the centre so it’s easy to go for a walk and when family comes over we try to go to different restaurants. I’ve been to Delfino Blu with Cas of course and some other restaurant further away but I can’t remember the name (laughs).”

A weakness for chocolate

As a professional athlete, Braunöder puts special attention to his diet, “I eat almost everything but it must be healthy. Mostly vegetables, fruits and then of course some proteins, some carbs. It’s easy for me to be strict because almost everything tastes good. Here, in Como, my favourite dish has been seafood pasta so far. My cheat food is chocolate though, I just love Nutella and chocolate in general (laughs).”

A podcast listener

In his drives to and from the training ground or in his spare time Matthias has taken to listening to podcasts, “I often listen to various podcasts about business or self-development, even some from influencers I like. One of my favourites is Toni Kroos’ podcast. Besides that, I also enjoy watching football-related videos on YouTube, particularly those from a YouTuber named EliasN97.”

Pre-match Routines

“On game days, I always follow the same warm-up routine on my own in the locker room before we do the group warm-up together. I typically start with some easy movements, followed by planks and activation exercises. I do this routine every time because it helps me feel good on the pitch and ready to go.”

Advice for aspiring footballers

Being a young footballer himself, Matthias offers valuable advice to those aspiring to follow in his footsteps: “It’s very important to be patient and always remember where you started, where your roots are. I think it’s very important to stay grounded and, of course, talent itself is not enough, you have to work hard.”